WAFL Watch – Forwards – Round 18


Haiden Schoithe (SF) 13 disposals (10 kicks, 3 handballs) 7 marks, 2 goals 
Haiden played as a high forward. The big positive in his game was he reacted quickly when he needed to and broke hard to be used as an outlet on the wing. He made some good decisions when he had the football in his hands. Haiden had three shots on goal and managed to kick two. He just has to keep working hard to get from contest to contest.

Jack Anthony (S) 16 disposals (8 kicks, 8 handballs) 8 marks, 1 goal 
Jack played forward for three quarters and struggled at times due to limited entries. He looked a lot more comfortable in the last quarter when he went back into defence where he put his body on the line, took strong contested marks and looked to rebound. He finished the game strongly.


WAFL Watch – Defenders – Round 18


Alex Forster (SD) 11 disposals (7 kicks, 4 handballs) 
Alex played Swan Districts reserves as the highest defender. He looked comfortable and worked himself into position to receive the switch kick at every opportunity. We were pleased with his positioning and his bodywork against opponents. He is improving as the weeks go on which is a positive.

Peter Faulks (PT) 22 disposals (10 kicks, 12 handballs) 8 marks 
Peter played key back where he controlled his opponents well and then had a defensive forward assigned to him to attempt to limit his rebound. His positioning, ability to win one on ones and win the ground ball were positives of his game. He showed great change of direction and attempted to play on often.

Alex Silvagni (C) 15 disposals (8 kicks, 7 handballs) 6 marks 
Alex played in defence on both small and tall forwards. He was opposed Brent LeCras for a large part of the game. He controlled most of his opponents and attempted to come off them and help his teammates where possible. On a day when West Perth only had 33 inside 50s, Alex had less defensive work to do, but his use was generally good and there were some strong efforts in the contests.


WAFL Watch – Midfielders – Lach’s stock rising


After 10 AFL games in his first season, Lachie Neale played his third WAFL game for Swan Districts last weekend and was near best on ground.

Assistant and Senior Development Coach Simon Lloyd said it wasn’t form or an injury that forced Neale back to WAFL football.

“As part of player management and Lachie being in his first year, it has been a good opportunity to freshen him up,” Lloyd said.

“The fact he hasn’t played any football for two weeks due to being an emergency, then Swans having the bye, he just needed to go back and play WAFL and get a fair bit of the football in the manner in which we want him to play.”

Lloyd said Neale was a great competitor and had impressed this season with his running and ball-winning ability, and said those traits came through in his game last weekend.


More talks in bid for reserves teams


The WA Football Commission has brought in a professional facilitator in a bid to broker a compromise between West Coast, Fremantle and WAFL clubs over the deadlocked AFL reserves team issue.

Consultants Robert Radley and Stuart Love from management consultancy Bain and Company will chair a summit of WA football stakeholders next Monday in what WAFC chief executive Gary Walton yesterday termed a “line-in-the-sand” bid to progress debate on the issue.

The AFL and WAFL clubs remain deadlocked on their positions in the debate.

The Eagles and Dockers are adamant they will proceed until they get reserves teams in some form.

“The future of both our clubs depends on the strength of all our players and not just the 22 playing AFL. This is not something that is going to go away,” West Coast chief executive Trevor Nisbett said yesterday.


WAFL Watch – Defenders


Peter Faulks (PT) 22 disposals (9 kicks, 13 handballs) 5 marks, 4 tackles 
Peter played key back in a team that was under a fair amount of pressure at different times. The big thing for Peter’s game is that he is positioning really well. He will release his opponent into congestion and run some really good defensive angles, which resulted in a lot of East Perth turn overs. Another angle to Pete’s game that he has been working on is his drive and attack. He did this on the day and gave a lot of run to receive when Peel won possession.

Lee Spurr (PT) 21 disposals (16 kicks, 5 handballs) 10 tackles, 1 goal 
Lee played in defence for the first, second and fourth quarters and up forward in the third. He demonstrated leadership in trying to settle things down when Peel were being bombarded with entry upon entry. He also took some strong contested marks, demonstrating courage, and his spoiling and on-field direction was very good. Lee ran really hard all day and there were some strong tackling efforts.


WAFL Watch – Midfielders


Fremantle assistant and senior development coach Simon Lloyd says the club is keen to see Jesse Crichton demand the ball more in the WAFL.

Crichton was the WAFL Player of the Round for his solid effort in Peel Thunder’s loss to East Perth.

“The big thing for Jesse is that he demands the football and gets used a lot more,” Lloyd said.

“He has shown over the last couple of weeks that he is playing with a lot of energy and drive, and before too long, he will force himself back into senior contention.”

Lloyd said the club was pleased that Peel was giving the Tasmanian time in the midfield.

“Peel has been great in playing Jesse as an inside-mid,” he said.

“They are giving him plenty of opportunities and he is showing a real appetite to work hard on the training track at the moment.

“His running numbers have been very good and that’s transferring into his game.”


WAFL Watch – Rucks and Forwards


Fremantle assistant and senior development coach Simon Lloyd describes Josh Mellington’s 11-game stint on the sidelines as “nothing but professional”.

The young midfielder sustained a long-term hamstring injury after he had made a promising start to the season at AFL level.

“Josh has really set a very high standard,” Lloyd said.

“He has had a taste of playing AFL football, and that’s what he is here to do.

“We have been very impressed, but he knows that there is a lot of hard work in front of him.

“Josh has shown us through his attitude that he is prepared to do that hard work.”

Lloyd shared his notes on Freo’s other rucks and forwards in the WAFL


WAFL Watch – Midfielders – Sutcliffe soars


Among his 34 possessions for East Fremantle last weekend, WAFL Player of the Round Cam Sutcliffe gave a glimpse of his ability with a brilliant goal from outside 50 on his opposite left foot from a standing start.

Freo assistant and senior development coach Simon Lloyd said Sutcliffe’s goal was one highlight in an impressive game from the 20-year-old South Australian.

“It interesting because I asked him about that goal and he said he hadn’t had a go at kicking on his non-preferred for a while,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd said Sutcliffe’s versatility and preparedness to do the team thing were features of his game.

“It’s really good to have a player that can play on the wing who is very team orientated,” he said.

“Cam thinks a lot about where he needs to run defensively so he can help the team out, but the big thing about his game on the weekend was how hard he worked forward to get dangerous.


WAFL Watch – Forwards


Kepler Bradley (WP) – 21 disposals (13 kicks, 8 handballs), 10 marks, 1 goal
Kepler played key forward and ruck and he ran really well. The good thing about his running was his multiple leading, which was rewarded with 10 marks. The majority of those came when he was playing as a key forward, leading hard at the ball. His ball handling was good below his knees and he made himself difficult to defend because of his work-rate.

Michael Walters (SD) – 17 disposals (12 kicks, 5 handballs), 4 marks, 1 goal
Michael played high forward and had six effective inside 50 kicks. He showed strong pressure on the ball carrier and we were happy with his effort, work-rate and temperament. He showed he’s got great composure and always has a lot of time when he’s got the ball in his hands.


WAFL Watch – Defenders


Jack Anthony (S) – 15 disposals (12 kicks, 3 handballs), 6 marks,
Jack played as a key back and he’s starting to string some good games together. He took the honours over his opponent Prior with a mix of strong body work in the air, where he had nine spoils. He also demonstrated some sound body work in the contests. Jack’s running patterns were very good and he showed great anticipation of the opposition’s ball movement. Jack didn’t have a goal kicked on him for the day.

Antoni Grover (S) – 21 disposals (15 kicks, 6 handballs), 8 marks,
Antoni played as a key back for the majority of the day and it was a solid performance from him on a range of tall and small opponents. He controlled each opponent with his smart positioning and his physicality. He also had eight ground ball wins and often looked to set up the counter-attack through receiving switch kicks and hard run.


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