Alex Forster (SD) 11 disposals (7 kicks, 4 handballs) 
Alex played Swan Districts reserves as the highest defender. He looked comfortable and worked himself into position to receive the switch kick at every opportunity. We were pleased with his positioning and his bodywork against opponents. He is improving as the weeks go on which is a positive.

Peter Faulks (PT) 22 disposals (10 kicks, 12 handballs) 8 marks 
Peter played key back where he controlled his opponents well and then had a defensive forward assigned to him to attempt to limit his rebound. His positioning, ability to win one on ones and win the ground ball were positives of his game. He showed great change of direction and attempted to play on often.

Alex Silvagni (C) 15 disposals (8 kicks, 7 handballs) 6 marks 
Alex played in defence on both small and tall forwards. He was opposed Brent LeCras for a large part of the game. He controlled most of his opponents and attempted to come off them and help his teammates where possible. On a day when West Perth only had 33 inside 50s, Alex had less defensive work to do, but his use was generally good and there were some strong efforts in the contests.

Jordan Wilson-King (SF) 20 disposals (15 kicks, 5 handballs) 6 marks 
Jordan played half back on small forwards who looked dangerous at times, but overall he did his job. He played well in the second half where he gave more run and rebound off half back. He was constantly spreading lateral to get used as an outlet and was very composed when he had the ball in his hand. Jordan is still focusing on the defensive elements of his game, which will improve with time.

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