Haiden Schoithe (SF) 13 disposals (10 kicks, 3 handballs) 7 marks, 2 goals 
Haiden played as a high forward. The big positive in his game was he reacted quickly when he needed to and broke hard to be used as an outlet on the wing. He made some good decisions when he had the football in his hands. Haiden had three shots on goal and managed to kick two. He just has to keep working hard to get from contest to contest.

Jack Anthony (S) 16 disposals (8 kicks, 8 handballs) 8 marks, 1 goal 
Jack played forward for three quarters and struggled at times due to limited entries. He looked a lot more comfortable in the last quarter when he went back into defence where he put his body on the line, took strong contested marks and looked to rebound. He finished the game strongly.

Josh Mellington (WP) 13 disposals (9 kicks, 4 handballs) 5 tackles 
Josh played 95 per cent of the game as a high forward with short a period of time on the wing. The improvements from last week was he showed a high work rate and his running output definitely stepped up. He released hard to get used and his use was good. One of Josh’s focuses is to build his efforts over four quarters.

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