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Ben Allan wins fourth term as member-elected director


Ben Allan will serve a fourth term on the board of the Fremantle Dockers after his was the only nomination received when nominations for the club’s member-elected director poll closed at 12 noon today.

The club’s inaugural captain who played 47 games for Fremantle between 1995 and 1997, Allan has served as a member-elected director since December 2005.

His fourth two-year term commences on 1 December, 2011.

Kate Grieve is the second of the two member-elected representatives.

Her term expires on 30 November, 2012.

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Member election nominations open


Nominations for candidates to serve a two-year term as a member-elected director of the board of the Fremantle Football Club open on Wednesday 5 October and close at 12 noon on Monday 17 October, 2011.

If there is more than one approved nominee an online voting process will commence at 12.01am on Monday 24 October and close at 5.00pm on Monday 21 November, 2011.

The result will be announced at the club’s Annual Members’ Meeting on Tuesday 22 November, 2011., with the successful candidate starting their two-year term on 1 December, 2011. Nominees must have been listed on the club’s register of Voting Club Members as at 30 September, 2011.

Nominations must include a two-page summary of the nominee’s background and reasons why the nominee can make a valuable contribution to the club plus a 150 word statement about the nominee for distribution to Voting Club Members.


Sonia Sain – Member-elect Director Candidate


Hello fellow Freo Supporters,
I am Sonia Sain, a Member-Elect Candidate in the up and coming election.
Many of you may have read my thoughts in the West on Thursday as well as on 94.5fm that afternoon. I was fortunate to be asked for my views, something that not all members have the opportunity to give through these forums. I hope I share some similar views to you as my purpose of nominating for the Board is to represent you – the passionate supporters of the Dockers


We all have different views on the changes made by the Club on our Logo and Guernseys. What we need to remember is that the Club did contact over 26,000 members for their views and only 10% responded – if we want our opinion considered, it is really important that we give it when asked. Please know that I don’t not feel that 2900 was an appropriate response for the Club to use (as well as the surveys conducted at the ground and focus groups) to make the change.


Murray Browne – Member-elect Director Candidate


Hi all,

Again the time has come when Fremantle Dockers members (last 3 years) can vote for a non-WAFC nominated person to sit on the Fremantle Board for the next 2 years.

As one of those nominees, (the first of 13 listed on the ballot sheet), I am looking for as much support as I can get.

I have accepted nomination for the position of Member Elected Director because I am keen to make an effective and valuable contribution to the future of the Club.

I am an inaugural member of the Club and as a continuous member I have enjoyed the development of its rivalry with other AFL participants and the development of its current strong financial and membership position.

I have always been impressed by Fremantle’s desire to be a family-friendly club and with further strengthening of membership, if elected I would work hard to ensure this vision is not lost.

My role would be to look at proposals from the perspective of all stakeholders including members, sponsors, players and supporters.


Gary Louis – Member-elect Director Candidate


Hi Readers,

Gary Louis here, another of the 13 strong candidates.

I have been following the discussion over the past few days and provide the following comments and feedback.

Uniforms – whilst I was fond of the old playing strip, I think the new gear looks pretty sharp. The feedback received over the coming months by the club from its members will be a good barometer for whether or not the song or other traditions should be changed (see comments to follow) and more importantly the consultation process leading up to any decisions being made.

One thing not considered or at lease mentioned is that with the change in uniforms, brings an increase in income to the club through the purchase of new merchandise. It was not that long ago that Fremantle as a club was heavly in debt, and whilst not necessarily suffering the fait of other AFL clubs with forced mergers or the fear of folding, this revenue will hopefully contribute to the clubs success and solvency well into the future.


Dianne Stewart – Member-elect Director Candidate


My name is Dianne Stewart and I introduce myself as a candidate in the upcoming member election.

Yes, I’m that Victorian candidate, let’s address that issue up front. I am born and bred in Perth, have followed Freo from the very beginning but also find myself living and working in Melbourne for the last three years. The interstate members have a real ‘duty’ to be super-active in their club membership because there’s only a small number of us whereas in Perth there’s always someone else to help out. So I’ve joined the cheer squad, I make the banner each week we have a game, I travel to every eastern states game to help with the banner, and if you came to the semi-final this year at the MCG, I was the lady that handed you an inflatable Dockers hand as you came in the gate.

But you’re not electing me to be the ‘Head Cheer Leader’ but a Director…so on that note, I hold a senior executive position in my work and hold a Company Directors Diploma so I’m no chump in the board room either. I have a voice at the board room table and have been a board member on a national sporting board before.


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