Hello fellow Freo Supporters,
I am Sonia Sain, a Member-Elect Candidate in the up and coming election.
Many of you may have read my thoughts in the West on Thursday as well as on 94.5fm that afternoon. I was fortunate to be asked for my views, something that not all members have the opportunity to give through these forums. I hope I share some similar views to you as my purpose of nominating for the Board is to represent you – the passionate supporters of the Dockers


We all have different views on the changes made by the Club on our Logo and Guernseys. What we need to remember is that the Club did contact over 26,000 members for their views and only 10% responded – if we want our opinion considered, it is really important that we give it when asked. Please know that I don’t not feel that 2900 was an appropriate response for the Club to use (as well as the surveys conducted at the ground and focus groups) to make the change.

My view is that in a Membership organisation, such a significant change should be presented to all members (over 39,000) and that is what I will communicate at Board level should I be elected, for any other significant changes to our identity e.g. Our song. In producing a survey, it needs to also be clear and transparent to all on what the results may lead to i.e. “brand review” questions will lead to jumper and logo change.

It is important that we all remember what a significant journey we have all been on with our Club. 2010 saw great success, though as we know some years haven’t been so great. We have always banded together and been proud of our loyalty and camaraderie. We have a promising list, with some amazing young talent and inspiring leaders. It is important we don’t lose sight of that. We are one of the most profitable clubs in the AFL, so the Organisation have made very sound business decisions to get us to this point.
I will do my best to represent the best interest of the members and look at ways to increase our benefits or consider new initiatives.

Reading through forums such as this, I see some angst and differing opinions. It is important to remember we are all Freo Supporters and unified in our passion for the Dockers.

Should you want to ask me anything or make any suggestions, please feel free to email me at freosonia@yahoo.com.au . As I haven’t been a regular on these forums in the past, I don’t feel it appropriate that I now come on and start posting simply because I am running for the Board. Should I be given the honour to represent you, I would be more than happy to come on here often and take stock of what our Members see as the pressing issues.

I have been keen for a number of years to run for Member-Elected Director though I had to ensure I could commit the time to my role and the timing is right for me now.


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