Peter Faulks (PT) 22 disposals (9 kicks, 13 handballs) 5 marks, 4 tackles 
Peter played key back in a team that was under a fair amount of pressure at different times. The big thing for Peter’s game is that he is positioning really well. He will release his opponent into congestion and run some really good defensive angles, which resulted in a lot of East Perth turn overs. Another angle to Pete’s game that he has been working on is his drive and attack. He did this on the day and gave a lot of run to receive when Peel won possession.

Lee Spurr (PT) 21 disposals (16 kicks, 5 handballs) 10 tackles, 1 goal 
Lee played in defence for the first, second and fourth quarters and up forward in the third. He demonstrated leadership in trying to settle things down when Peel were being bombarded with entry upon entry. He also took some strong contested marks, demonstrating courage, and his spoiling and on-field direction was very good. Lee ran really hard all day and there were some strong tackling efforts.

Jordan Wilson-King (SF) 20 disposals (16 kicks, 4 handballs) 10 marks

Jordan played at half-back and gave plenty of run and drive from defence. He had a solid performance, using the ball very well, and looking to play on as often as possible. The big positives for Jordan were he rebounded well out of defence and gave South a lot of run and drive.

Alex Forster(SD) 14 disposals (10 kicks, 4 handballs) 
Alex played reserves as a key defender and was given the responsibility for West Coast listed player Anton Hamp. He started off well in the first quarter where he had seven touches and was able to mop up some ground balls and physically harass his opponent. Following the first quarter, Hamp took a number of contested marks against Alex and got him a few times on the lead. It was a really good experience for Alex. His run dropped away after quarter time, but that’s something we are working on in the bigger picture with Alex.

Nick Suban (C) 22 disposals (12 kicks, 10 handballs) 6 marks 
It was a really good game from Nick, he started at half-back but then went into the midfield, playing wing and on-ball. His second quarter was all about his hard run to create the overlap and he was aggressive in the way he attacked the game with his ball use. He tackled hard and came in off the line as a wingman strongly. His run and carry with the ball, his effort to get into the game, and his attitude were all positives.

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