Jack Anthony (S) – 15 disposals (12 kicks, 3 handballs), 6 marks,
Jack played as a key back and he’s starting to string some good games together. He took the honours over his opponent Prior with a mix of strong body work in the air, where he had nine spoils. He also demonstrated some sound body work in the contests. Jack’s running patterns were very good and he showed great anticipation of the opposition’s ball movement. Jack didn’t have a goal kicked on him for the day.

Antoni Grover (S) – 21 disposals (15 kicks, 6 handballs), 8 marks,
Antoni played as a key back for the majority of the day and it was a solid performance from him on a range of tall and small opponents. He controlled each opponent with his smart positioning and his physicality. He also had eight ground ball wins and often looked to set up the counter-attack through receiving switch kicks and hard run.

Jordan Wilson-King (SF) – 19 disposals (12 kicks, 7 handballs), 7 marks,
Jordan played as a half-back and gave some drive and bounce out of defence. He really looked to work hard. One thing Jordan does well is he always looks to play on and create when in possession, but he just needs to keep working on his composure.

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