Kepler Bradley (WP) 23 disposals (13 kicks, 10 handballs) 5 marks
Played reserves
Kepler played key forward, in the ruck and roamed on the ball at times. He worked very hard and had most of his effect on the game in the ruck, as it put him right in the play. We were happy with Kepler’s game.

Michael Walters (SD) 14 disposals (12 kicks, 2 handballs) 6 marks, 2 goals
Michael started the game in an exciting and energetic manner. He set up the first two goals through good leading patterns and smart use. He ended up kicking 2.4, with a couple of them being difficult shots. We were very pleased with his running – it was evident how hard he worked up the ground and coming back in transition. It was a valuable contribution from Michael.

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