WAFL Watch – Part 3 – Rucks and Forwards

Zac Clarke (EP) – 26 disposals (13 kicks, 13 handballs), 8 marks, 6 tackles, 18 hitouts, 1 goal
Zac started deep forward and looked very dangerous when one on one. He used his body really well in aerial contests, where he took some strong marks. He kicked the goal of the day in the first quarter, but ended up kicking 1.4, so conversion is obviously a focus for him. He rotated with Johnson in the ruck, which worked well. A good game from Zac.

Kepler Bradley (WP) – 18 disposals (10 kicks, 8 handballs), 5 marks, 10 hitouts, 1 goal
Kepler played a mixture of high and deep forward and had some short stints in the ruck as well. He saw a lot of the ball early and looked comfortable close to goal. He showed some really long 80-metre-plus leads to receive the ball on half-back and work it forward. He looked dangerous as a deeper forward and his positives were his work rate and his leading patterns. Kepler is really starting to find some consistency after coming back from injury.

Michael Walters (SD) – 16 disposals (12 kicks, 4 handballs), 2 goals
Michael played forward, both high and deep. He showed good energy and his movement looked dangerous at forward 50 stoppages. He showed good vision and skill at kicking into narrow congested parts of the ground to open the game up.

Gavin Roberts (P) reserves –
 13 disposals (8 kicks, 5 handballs), 4 marks, 2 goals
There were some really encouraging signs from Gavin, who played in the role of high forward. The pleasing thing for us was that he showed a consistent work rate over four quarters. A feature of Gavin’s game is his speed and his athleticism. He looked really dangerous with his hard running, particularly on the spread up forward. He consistently provided a physical target and played with a high level of energy. Gavin didn’t get beaten in any aerial contests and we were really happy with his game.

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