Hayden Crozier says his first win as an AFL player was an incredible experience and one he’d never forget.

Starting as the sub, the Freo youngster played a role in his club’s 12-point win over Richmond at the MCG, but it came much earlier than he had expected after Aaron Sandilands was injured early in the first quarter.

Crozier, who debuted a week earlier when he was the sub in the loss to Adelaide, said he relished the chance to play almost the entire game.

“It was a really good experience being brought on early,” he said.

“I was definitely excited to come on, but I was nervous as well in front of my family and friends.”

Crozier admitted that he wasn’t nearly as nervous as he was in his debut.

“Last week I was sitting on the bench for three quarters, just thinking about it before I came on,” he said.

“But coming on pretty quickly against Richmond helped.

“It was good to get out early and settle the nerves.”

The fleet-footed 18-year-old didn’t mind getting a bit dirty playing in the wet conditions.

“It’s kind of dewy and a bit wet and the ball seems to skid on,” he said.

“For us smalls in the forward line, you can get front and center so I don’t really mind it at all.”

Crozier also said he was inspired by the efforts of his captain Mtthew Pavlich, who booted six goals in a low scoring game.

“He led by example, crashed the packs and everyone followed,” Crozier said.

Drenched by red Powerade while singing the team song in the rooms, Crozier said he hoped to be part of many more wins.

“It was just such a great experience,” he said.

“Sharing the elation of a win with all your teammates is just amazing.”

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