Hayden Ballantyne has been charged with a level two striking offence against Richmond’s Chris Newman during the second quarter of Saturday’s match at the MCG.

In summary, due to his poor record, his sanction must remain as a one-match penalty, even with an early plea.

Based on the video evidence available and a medical report from the Richmond Football Club, the incident was assessed as intentional conduct (three points), low impact (one point) and body contact (one point). This is a total of five activation points, resulting in a classification of a Level Two offence, drawing 125 demerit points and a one-match sanction.

He has an existing bad record of four matches suspended within the last three years, increasing the penalty by 40 per cent to 175 demerit points and a one-match sanction.

He also has 2.50 demerit points carried over from within the last 12 months, increasing the penalty to 177.50 points and a one-match sanction.

An early plea will reduce the sanction by 25 per cent to 133.13 points and a one-match sanction.

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