WAFL player of the round Tom Sheridan has impressed Fremantle’s coaches since arriving at the club last November after being selected with the 16th pick in the National Draft – Freo’s top selection.

Assistant and senior development coach Simon Lloyd said the 19-year-old’s major strength was his running ability.

“Tom’s an elite runner,” Lloyd said.

“He covers a lot of ground and his mindset is to work hard both defensive and offensively in transition.

“He’s very team -orientated in the way he thinks about the game and where he runs to.

Lloyd said a major area of focus for development for Sheridan was his size and weight.

“That’ll happen over time and you can see it already,” he said.

Tom’s come to Fremantle to play AFL football and he is only going to improve.”

12 possessions (7 kicks, 5 handballs) 4 marks
Alex played as a key defender and was very good defensively against quality opposition in West Coast’s Scott Lycett. He positioned well, dropping off when he needed to. We’re continuing to work on Alex’s run and drive from defence.

SUBAN, Nicholas
20 possessions (13 kicks, 7 handballs) 5 marks, 1 goal
Nick played inside-mid where he showed a lot of fight in and around the contests. He worked hard to receive and used the ball well when in possession. He kicked a nice goal as well.

25 possessions (16 kicks, 9 handballs) 9 marks, 2 goals
Tom showed that he reacts quickly to transition and he always covers the dangerous players well. He did all the basics well and was neat with his disposals. Tom had four shots on goal, including kicking the sealing goal. It was a very pleasing game from him.

21 possessions (15 kicks, 6 handballs) 10 marks
Peter played as a key defender and was solid in defence. He showed a strong work rate, particularly to run and spread to create outlets, and his kicking was also good. He was solid with his one-on-one spoiling, too. Peter’s having a solid patch of consistent football.

23 possessions, (16 kicks, 7 handballs) 13 marks
Lee had a great four-quarter effort punctuated by excellent ball use. He set up a lot of attacks from half back. He played from half-back through to the wing and as a high forward, which showed us the versatility Lee can bring to the side.

18 possessions (15 kicks, 3 handballs) 1 goal
Anthony’s continuing to build his game time at WAFL level. He showed in a number of passages quick feet and dynamic movement in traffic as well as his customary speed and balance. We were happy with a big chase and tackle late in the game. He’ll continue to build his game time.

23 possessions (16 kicks, 7 handballs)
Nick played inside-mid and was very good at the contested ball with 10 clearances. He worked hard at the stoppages and covered the opposition’s most dangerous players when needed.

12 possessions (8 kicks, 4 handballs)
Gavin played as a high forward all day. We thought structurally he played the role very close to what’s required at AFL level. When he had the ball in his hands he showed a lot of energy, speed and agility and his ball use by foot was very positive. He gives good burst speed and there were a couple of passages of play where he showed some real potential. Gavin just needs to build on this.

WALTERS, Michael
8 disposals (4 kicks, 4 handballs) 1 goal
Michael played as a high forward for the majority of the game and at times deep alongside Ashley Hansen. He wasn’t as prominent as he has been in previous weeks due to some close attention from his direct opponent, but he did adjust as the game wore on to get into some good crumbing positions and work hard defensively with his forward pressure.

12 ( 6 kicks, 6 handballs) 4 marks
Alex played his first game for Swan Districts reserves across half-back. He found his rhythm as the game went on and began to use the ball more cleanly. He set up counter attacks on a number of occasions. We’re really happy with his poise and ball use and he beat his immediate opponent. A positive first step for Alex.

23 possessions (14 kicks, 9 handballs) 6 marks, 1 goal
Jay had a very strong game. He was right up there as one of the hardest running players on the ground. His reaction to the state of play and spread was very good. He worked hard to get front and square and was rewarded with a nice goal. Jay never stopped running, was very good at ground level and he kept his head over the ball.

8 possessions (8 kicks) 6 marks, 2 goals
Kepler played a mix of key forward and ruck and looked very lively early, kicking two goals. He’s spent a considerable time out so it was good that he got the four quarters under the belt. He’ll be better for it.

PITT, Jayden
15 possessions (11 kicks, 4 handballs) 1 goal
Jayden played wing and high forward. It was an improved effort by him. He ran with intent and showed very good poise with the ball. He kicked well inside 50 and kicked a nice goal, where he sold a bit of candy. Jayden’s off-ball run was solid and he got into some good useable positions.

16 possessions (13 kicks, 3 handballs) 2 goals
Dylan played a really positive game. He ran well and played a very strong last quarter, full of effort and desire. He helped get East Perth back into the game by kicking two big goals and imposing himself on the game very late, where he had some important clearances.

19 possessions (10 kicks, 9 handballs) 1 goal
Haiden played the game as an inside midfielder opposed to Jesse O’Brien. He showed a good competitive mindset in passages and just needs to build his consistency. He had a strong second quarter where he found a lot of space through the corridor on the spread. The great thing about Haiden is that he always keeps his head over the football.

16 possessions (10 kicks, 6 handballs) 1 goal
Sam played as a high half-forward and ran the game out strongly. He looked composed in the latter half of a close game. He regularly presented as a good target on the lead and he was strong in the air. He also kicked a good set-shot goal after taking a mark running back towards goal. His positioning was good inside the contests and it’s continuing to build on that strength that has been Sam’s focus.

GRIFFIN, Jonathon
11 possessions (6 kicks, 5 handballs)
Jon played ruck with short spells forward. He played with good purpose and demanded and attracted the football. He worked hard defensively and covered the ground well. He had a big chase through the middle when the game was in the balance towards the end. That allowed referred pressure on the player with the football who ended up kicking a behind.

23 possessions (17 kicks, 6 handballs) 1 goal
Cam played on a wing and worked very hard both offensively and defensively. He showed class and poise with the footy in his hand and ended up running over 15kms. He constantly looks to take the attacking kick and was able execute it. Cam had nine inside 50s and always ran and carried the ball.

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