While Toyota AFL Dream Team is all about accumulating possessions, tackles and goals to contribute to your ultimate total, there’s another side to the game that coaches need to pay closer attention to.

Some players out there are quietly performing their roles for the team, but at the same time ruining your Dream Team’s score.

They’re the kind of players you’d never consider putting into your DT because they don’t score as well as the star fantasy players.

But if you’re not wary about whom they might be lining up on in the weekend’s game, these players might cost you valuable points or, worse yet, cause you to lose your league game.

Two such players at Freo are Ryan Crowley and Adam McPhee.

While he’s perennially voted by teammates as the most likely to look at himself in the gym mirror, Crowley’s shutdown efforts this season have been nothing short of brilliant.

In round 4, he limited star St Kilda midfielder Nick Dal Santo to just 73 DT points and followed that up last weekend with a strong stopping job on Carlton captain Chris Judd, who only managed 61 points.

Before those games, Brisbane’s Daniel Rich gained 46 points against Crowley’s tag in round 3.

This wouldn’t have made ‘Crowls’ too popular with coaches who had those players in their Dream Teams, let alone as captains.

With Gold Coast skipper Gary Ablett ruled out of Saturday’s game against Freo, it will be interesting to see who Crowley gets the job on. Michael Rischitelli and David Swallow are two that spring to mind.

Adam McPhee wouldn’t look out of place as Dolph Lundgren’s stunt double in action flick The Expendables.

A bit like Lundgren’s Ivan Drago character in Rocky 4, McPhee has been matched up with opponents far smaller than him this season.

But unlike the giant blond Soviet boxer, ‘Smokey’ has been getting the job done.

Small sharpshooters Stephen Milne and Eddie Betts have fallen victim to him over the past fortnight.

McPhee looks to have found his niche, which doesn’t augur well for any of the competition’s small forwards who might be in your DT over the coming weeks.

Gold Coast’s Brandon Matera or Harley Bennell are two candidates McPhee could line up on this weekend.

Be prepared to suffer some DT disappointment whenever your star players are playing Fremantle, because ‘Crowls’ and ‘Smokey’ won’t be giving away much at all.

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