Freo Diabetes WA ambassador Nat Fyfe has two reasons to run on Sunday May 27. One will be to chase the football and help his team beat the West Coast Eagles.

The other is HBF’s Run for a Reason event on the same day.

Fyfey’s commitments to Freo means he can’t run himself in the event, but the star midfielder is committed to getting as many people as he can to represent him and make their reason for running Diabetes WA.

“Diabetes WA does some great work to raise awareness,” he said.

“I encourage people that are going to run, if they don’t already have a charity to run for, to run for Diabetes WA.”

For Fyfe, diabetes hits close to home. One of his close friends back in Lake Grace, where he grew up, has been recently diagnosed with the condition.

“That was real eye opener for me,” Fyfe said.

“It just shows that you can be any age and get diabetes.”

Fyfe said it was it was important for people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle to help prevent diabetes.

“The message is pretty clear,” he said.

“A couple of hours of physical activity a week is beneficial in a whole range of ways, especially in helping prevent diabetes.”

Two youngsters that are heeding Fyfe’s advice and running for Diabetes WA at the HBF Run for a Reason are brothers Conor, 11, and Oliver, 8, who is a big Fyfe fan.

They are doing it for their grandfather, Win, who has had Type 2 diabetes for more than 25 years and is now insulin dependent.

Fyfe congratulated the boys for showing the initiative to help out a great cause.
“I think it’s excellent what they’re doing for their grandad and for Diabetes WA,” he said.

Win was also full of praise for his grandchildren’s for participation in HBF’s Run for a Reason.

“I’m proud of them for any reason, but I’m especially proud because their doing this for diabetes and for health reasons.”

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