Peter Faulks’ weekly WAFL efforts are showing the improvements in his game that his coaches have been looking for from him.

The 23-year-old was Freo’s WAFL Player of the Week in round 5 of competition for his 20-possession performance from Peel Thunder’s defence.

Freo’s coaching staff have been working on the attacking side of Faulks’ game, and assistant Simon Lloyd said last weekend’s display was one of a number of good recent showings from the former Sydney Swan.

“We’ve always known that Peter’s been very good defensively, but there’s the part of the game when we win the footy,” he said.

“We want him to be attacking and get used as part of the rebound.

“That’s something that’s been a big change in mindset for Peter, but he’s got his head around it and we’re seeing it on the field.”

Lloyd said that, in today’s game of AFL, even key defenders had to have an offensive edge to their game.

“To be an AFL defender, it’s a part of Peter’s game he has to develop and he’s showing that he is developing it, which is great,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd said Faulks had come a long way in just over a year that he’s been at the club.

“In terms of conditioning, last year he was breaking down at different times and he’s now really durable,” he said.

“He’s gone from a defender who was all about defending his man, to defending his man but also working off his man to be an attacking influence as well.

“His game is growing and that’s a real positive.”

Lloyd shared his WAFL notes for all the Fremantle Dockers who played in round 5 of the WAFL:

Subiaco 10.16 (76) defeated East Fremantle 9. 12 (66) 

Antoni Grover (S) – 15 disposals (13 kicks, 2 handballs) 8 marks, 9 rebound 50s
Antoni played a good game through smart positioning and being proactive through spreading hard when Subiaco won the football. He made a real statement in the third quarter, when he put his body on the line and went lower than the opposition. We’re very happy with his rebound from 50 and his quick lateral spread. He played on Brock O’Brien and won his position well.

Jack Anthony (S) – 14 disposals (11 kicks, 3 handballs) 8 marks, 1 goal
Jack showed good energy and intensity. He was involved in a lot of contests at ground level and in the air and attacked the ball hard. Unfortunately, he didn’t get reward for effort, kicking 1.6, which was a bit disappointing because his leading patterns were very good and he used the space well. He just didn’t make the most of his opportunities, but that’s something to focus on for Jack. Overall it was a good game from him.

Jonathan Griffin (EF)- 8 disposals (6 kicks, 2 handballs) 31 hitouts
Jon’s positioning around the ruck contests and his tap-work were very good. In the third quarter, his second and third efforts at ground level following his ruck work were what we expect. He played with real effort and intensity and that should be a benchmark for him. The big focus for Jon is making sure he has more impact around the ground by focusing on his running patterns and spread.

Sam Menegola (EF)- 21 disposals (11 kicks, 10 handballs) 3 marks, 4 tackles, 3 inside 50’s, 1 goal
Sam played mostly on the wing. His focus has been on his ground balls in congestion. He really applied what he’s been focusing on at training. He gathered the ball, took the tackle well and got his hands free, and he was composed in traffic. He showed great work ethic and covered a lot of ground. Sam has really improved his physicality around the contest and he needs to continue to build on this at every opportunity.

East Fremantle 6.4 (40) defeated East Fremantle 21. 11 (137) 

Cam Sutcliffe (EF) –12 disposals (10 kicks, 2 handballs) 4 marks, 2 inside 50’s
Cam played as a wingman with a short stint on the ball. He started really strongly through his running and he showed clean hands. We were really happy with his ground balls in congestion. Post-half-time his defensive run wasn’t where it was in the first half. It fell away as the game progressed. We were really happy with his first half, but the focus for Cam is that consistency over four quarters, which he’s building on.

Peel Thunder 13. 12 (90) defeated Swan Districts 10. 16 (76)

Michael Walters (SD) –
 14 disposals (12 kicks, 2 handballs) 1 goal
Michael played a high forward role, showing really good work rate. He was the Swans’ most dangerous forward, ending up with 1.4. He hit the post three times. Michael was in and out of the game, so he’s still working on his consistency.

Peter Faulks (PT) – 20 disposals (10 kicks, 10 handballs) 4 marks
Peter played key back all day and was excellent defensively. He gave a lot of rebound from defensive 50 and he dropped off his opponent when he needed to. His positioning was very good. He knew when to leave his opponent or come back to him. Peter is really building his consistency.

Lachie Neale (SD) – 
22 disposals (5 kicks, 12 handballs), 8 clearances
Lachie played in the midfield and had two players rotate a tag on him. Lachie runs really strongly from contest to contest. He ended up having eight clearances and a lot of the football he won was in congestion. He is very clean with his ground balls, creative with his handballs and strong with his tackles. He never stopped moving for the game. He’s playing a consistent brand of football at WAFL level that will bring him into calculations at some stage in the match committee.

Lee Spurr (PT) – 17 disposals (11 kicks, 6 handballs), 6 marks, 5 rebound 50s
Lee played a solid defensive game across half-back. He’s getting better at identifying when to run off his opponent, and when to come back to him. Lee shows a really good work rate and played a solid game overall.

Tom Sheridan (PT) – 14 disposals (10 kicks, 4 handballs) 5 clearances
Tom played on the wing and midfield. We’re really happy with his ball use. He used the first option and he weighted his kicks well. He worked hard defensively, chased hard and played goal-side when needed. He didn’t get to the contests often enough, which is something we’re monitoring closely. But overall, Tom is playing well.

Jesse Crichton (PT) 
– 18 disposals (7 kicks, 11 handballs), 5 marks
Jesse played wing and midfield. It was a really positive game in that he played a balanced hard working four-quarter effort. He used his attributes in his run, so he was able to carry the football and link up. At times he worked back hard to present as the defensive outlet and he had three good inside 50’s. Jesse took the game on and got in close to tackle and support. As positive a game as we’ve had from Jesse, so he’ll build on that as the weeks progress.

Claremont 16.14 (110) defeated South Fremantle 14.4 (88)

Haiden Schloithe (SF) – 11 disposals (9 kicks, 2 handballs), 3 marks, 1 goal
Haiden played on ball and on the wing. He started slow but became more involved as the game wore on, particularly in the second half where he had four score involvements and also pushed hard defensively. The focus for Haiden has been his body position at stoppages, which he is showing improvement in. We’ve got to make sure he builds on his consistency and effort.

West Perth 12.13 (85) defeated Perth 10.13 (73)

Nick Lower (P) – 
27 disposals (17 kicks, 10 handballs) 7 marks, 6 tackles, 6 clearances
Nick had a very solid outing, finally returning to football after not playing for a period of time because of suspension. He played inside-mid and he was very impressive around stoppages, winning first possession frequently. He cleared congestion through his quick gives or kicks and he took seven marks, including a couple of strong overhead contested efforts. He constantly worked to get into useable positions and overall, he had a good first game.

Alex Silvagni (C) – 7 disposals (5 kicks, 2 handballs) 3 marks, 1 goal
Alex played forward with a few brief stints in the ruck, before going down back at the end of the game. He has really shown improvement in his leading patterns and his positioning as a forward. He tackled and chased and he took two strong contested marks.

Jay Van Berlo (WP) – 7 disposals (4 kicks, 3 handballs), 4 marks
Jay played on the wing for the majority of the day with short spells as an inside midfielder. He never really found the rhythm of the game. He had a hard tag on him and needed to employ more proactive methods to try and lose that tag. Jay did show some long searching runs to good spots. Overall, there’s very few blemishes on Jay and he will be true to form and find his consistency, as we’ve come to expect of him.

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