It is a dilemma facing more than 100,000 Dream Team coaches this week.

What to do with Fremantle star Nathan Fyfe?

Fyfe was subbed out of last week’s win over the Brisbane Lions with a dislocated shoulder and only 22 points to his name.

In the news we’ve heard so far, Fyfe could play this week against St Kilda or he could undergo surgery and miss the rest of the year.

The only thing clear about this situation is that Dream Teamers have suffered.

In our favour, the Freo game is on Friday night, meaning final teams will be known at 6.20pm AEDT, giving us 90 minutes to decide what to do with Fyfe if he isn’t playing.

Wait until you know whether he’s going to play before you make your moves, but it’s important to start your thinking now.

Some options for you to consider:

A like-for-like trade
The problem with this option is that there aren’t too many premium forwards screaming out ‘Pick me!’ Fyfe is valued at $450,000, and in that price region is Collingwood’s Travis Cloke ($446,000), Carlton’s Mitch Robinson ($459,800) and his Freo teammate Matthew Pavlich ($431,800).

Former North Melbourne captain Brent Harvey is $440,400, but it would be a stretch trading Fyfe for Harvey and expecting the same output. If you don’t have any cash in the bank, I’d almost wait until next week when Steve Johnson ($481,000) drops further in value.

The Cats star dipped $49,000 in price this week and needs 148 points this week to break even. It won’t happen, meaning he will probably drop to about $455-460,000.

Cash in
If you don’t want to go for a star to replace Fyfe and also want to avoid a mid-pricer – we should all steer clear of them – then you could be interested in a huge downgrade.

The only problem here is that there aren’t a lot of viable choices. One could be Geelong’s Billie Smedts ($104,200), who has shown a bit of talent but is yet to have his first price upgrade. The other choice could be Greater Western Sydney’s Adam Treloar ($104,200), who played his first game for the Giants last weekend.

He managed 66 points on debut, and if he can continue at that rate he’ll rise sharply in value in two weeks. Of course, if you choose this way to get Fyfe out of your side, you’ll have around $350,000 left over to use on other players.

Use the dual position switch
Thanks to the flexible trading rules, if you have Fyfe in your forward line (which most coaches will), you can basically trade him out and get a premium midfielder in for him.

Lots of coaches have midfielder/forwards Devon Smith and Adam Kennedy in their midfield, with one of the Giants pair likely sitting on the midfield bench. Given Fyfe’s dual position status as a forward/midfielder, you could swap Fyfe for Kennedy and then have Kennedy as a starting forward.

That leaves Fyfe on your midfield bench, and gives you the option of trading him for a star midfielder. Around his current value, you could bolster your midfield with Carlton’s Andrew Carrazzo ($452,000) or Geelong’s James Kelly ($452,700).

If you have some spare money in the bank you could trade in underrated Blues midfielder Kade Simpson ($467,000) or even the in-form West Coast Eagle Scott Selwood ($468,800).

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