After an interrupted pre-season, key defender Antoni Grover is picking up form through the WAFL and pushing hard to return to senior AFL action.

An integral part of Fremantle’s defence since his debut back in 1999, Grover was solid deep in Subiaco’s backline in the club’s 15-point Foxtel Cup loss to the Port Adelaide Magpies last Saturday.

Grover played on dangerous Port Power forward Brett Ebert and did well to limit his influence.

Fremantle assistant coach Simon Lloyd said it was a pleasing hit-out for Grover against an AFL player of Ebert’s quality.

“You can get a really good gauge on how players are travelling when they play on players of that standard and Brett Ebert had little impact inside forward 50 apart from a clever opportunistic goal,” Lloyd said.

“Ebert can open you up pretty quickly, so you have to be on your toes.

“It shows Antoni is up and going at the moment and playing some good football.

“He’s definitely in our discussions for selection this week.”

For the second time in three rounds, East Perth’s Dylan Roberton was named Fremantle’s WAFL Player of the Week for his efforts in the win against Perth.

Foxtel Cup – Port Adelaide Magpies 7.9 (51) defeated Subiaco 5.6 (36)

Antoni Grover- (S)- 8 disposals (2 kicks, 6 handballs)
Antoni played the majority of the game against Port Power’s Brett Ebert deep in defense. He looked comfortable defensively against all his opponents, spoiled well and didn’t allow them goal-side. He’s really fit and he ran the game out well.

League- East Perth 14.11 (95) defeated Perth 10. 8 (68)

Dylan Roberton-(EP) 14 disposals (10 kicks, 4 handballs) 1 goal, 6 tackles, 6 clearances
Dylan had a solid outing for East Perth again this weekend. He’s been playing consistent football. He played three quarters in the midfield and a quarter at half-back. He worked extremely hard over all four quarters, and had a tagger run with him all game. His defensive run was very good and he thought his way through the game very well. When tagged, Dylan decided to work harder inside and managed to shift and test his opponent with some long, hard running. We are really pleased with his progress.

Hayden Crozier- (EP) –
 23 disposals (16 kicks, 7 handballs) 8 marks, 4 inside 50, I goal
Hayden played on the wing and as a high forward. He ended up having 25 disposals and took eight marks. For most of those marks, he worked back to support the defense. His kicking was at a high level and he took some strong one-on-one marks, which is a feature of his game. As a leading forward he really presented hard at the ball. Hayden shows real speed and offensive spread and we are happy with what he’s doing.

Jayden Pitt- (EP)- 16 disposals (9 kicks, 7 handballs)
Jayden played wing and midfield. He showed some good run and good changes of speed, and an ability to get into the vision of his teammates around congestion. His defensive run was strong and he showed real anticipation when the opposition had the ball. Overall, Jayden showed good defensive run, long kicking and improvement in congested play.

Reserves- East Fremantle 14.10 (94) defeated Peel Thunder 14.6 (90)

Cam Sutcliffe – (EF)- 9 disposals ( 5 kicks, 4 handballs) 4 marks
Cam played mostly on the ball in the first half and then in defense and up forward in the second half. We are working on Cam’s intensity around the contest and his contested ball. The positives of his game were his work rate, which was up from the previous week, and his running patterns.

League- East Fremantle 15.21 (111) defeated Peel (13.13 (91) 

Jonathon Griffin – (EF)– 12 disposals (10 kicks , 2 handballs) 9 marks, 18 hitouts, 4 inside 50, 2 goals
Jon played ruck and rested forward to good effect, kicking two goals. A feature of his last two weeks has been his excellent ruck work and his second and third efforts at ground level after the ruck contest. Jon structured and positioned well as a forward and positioned well and we were happy with his ground level contests.

Sam Menegola – (EF)- 21 disposals (18 kicks, 3 handballs) 8 marks, 7 inside 50, 1 goal
Sam is improving with every week. He played predominately on a wing and used his running strength to his advantage, particularly in his defensive transition. A feature was his work-rate and his improving skill level.

Jesse Crichton – (PT)- 22 disposals (12 kicks, 10 handballs) 4 marks
Jesse played on the wing and in the midfield. We were really pleased for a large chunk of his game. He showed some really good speed in congestion and body work at stoppages. One of his strengths was his ball use. He was clean, effective and poised with the ball. Jesse’s focus is to work on his consistency through the four quarters. His game is improving.

Peter Faulks – (PT)- 20 disposals (5 kicks, 15 handballs) 4 marks
Peter played in defense and performed well. He showed good defensive positioning and is displaying some offensive drive. He was very good at one-on-one contests.

Anthony Morabito – (PT)- 18 disposals (14 kicks, 4 handballs) 8 inside 50
Anthony was one of the better players for the round. He played in the midfield, where he covered the ground well and had a very strong performance. He threw himself into the contests and his defensive efforts in regards to his chasing and blocking for his teammates was good. He tackled hard and showed real aggression. A feature of Anthony’s game is when he runs and carries the football, and he did this well through the corridor. He had eight inside 50’s. Unfortunately he had a minor set-back with his hamstring injury.

Tom Sheridan – (PT)-
 19 disposals (6 kicks, 13 handballs) 3 marks
Tom played on the wing and midfield and we’re really pleased with his game. He ran with real AFL intensity and played a physical game. He got in close to tackle and won ground balls or received handballs. Under pressure, we were really pleased with his disposal. Overall, Tom’s effort to run and add physicality to his game was very pleasing.

Lee Spurr – (PT)- 23 disposals (15 kicks, 8 handballs) 3 marks
Lee played half-back and was very good. His positioning as the extra man was a real positive, as he was able to cut off and influence a contest in a number of instances. He has a real hard edge to his game and showed it in numerous 50/50 contests. Lee had a good game.

League- Claremont 15.13 (103) defeated West Perth 9.4 (58) 

Jay van Berlo – (WP)- 19 disposals (9 kicks, 10 handballs) 4 marks,
Jay played midfield and, in a side that did it tough on the weekend, he worked hard in and under in congestion. Jay showed good ball use with well-weighted kicks to position. He tackled strongly and always gave the first option by hand.

Alex Silvagni – (C) – 7 disposals (5 kicks, 2 handballs) 4 marks, 3 inside 50
Alex played forward and, whilst he didn’t have a big impact, he attacked the ball and the opposition hard when the ball was in his area. He showed good position by constantly moving. A feature of his game was that he put his body on the line in the air and at ground level, as we have come to expect consistently from Alex.

Reserves- Swan Districts 13.13 (91) defeated South Fremantle 8.9 (57)

Jordan Wilson King – (SF)- 18 disposals (10 kicks, 8 handballs) 5 marks, 1 goal
Jordan played across half-back with a five-minute stint in the forward line in the third quarter. He worked his way into the game after quarter-time, showing good intensity in and around the contests. We were really happy with his work-rate around stoppages and his defensive run.

League- Swan Districts 17.20 (122) defeated South Fremantle 15.9 (99)

Haiden Schloithe – (SF)- 10 disposals (9 kicks, 1 handball) 4 marks , 3 inside 50
Haiden is working hard on his consistency. One of his strengths is his aggression and impact at the contests. He had an excellent clearance on the wing at a center bounce when he took the game on. Haiden will continue to focus on his burst speed, particularly as a high forward, and staying in the game

Michael Walters – (SD)-
 16 disposals (12 kicks, 4 handballs) 2 marks, 3 inside 50, 2 goals
Michael was lively as a small forward and had patches where he was clearly the most dangerous forward on the ground. He could have easily kicked five goals but finished with 2.3. He played the majority of the game deep forward and when he did go higher up the ground, he had more impact on the contest. Michael brought others into the game with his disposals. It was a good effort, which he will build on.

Lachie Neale- (SD) – 18 disposals (11 kicks, 7 handballs), 1 goal
Lachie had a solid game for Swan Districts. It was a workmanlike performance. He showed some really strong stoppage involvement and positioned well in transition. He ran hard and used the ball well. Lachie played mostly as an inside midfielder and showed some good body use at stoppages. It was an impressive game.

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