Fremantle’s WAFL Player of the Week, Jonathon Griffin, showed he was ready for an AFL call-up with an outstanding effort for East Fremantle at WAFL level in round 3 of action in the state competition.

Griffin just pipped the in-form Dylan Roberton, who had another strong performance for East Perth.

Assistant coach Simon Lloyd said a number of Freo Dockers were in good form in the WAFL, including Jay van Berlo (West Perth), Tom Sheridan (Peel), Peter Faulks (Peel) and rookie Sam Menegola (East Freo).

Adding to those, Anthony Morabito made his eagerly anticipated return with a solid effort for Peel’s reserves, while defenders Alex Silvagni (Claremont) and Antoni Grover (Subiaco) also had solid performances.

Lloyd said picking a team for AFL action has become increasingly difficult, thanks to the Freo Dockers’ WAFL efforts, but he added that it was a pleasing problem to have every week.

“We’ve got large number of players at WAFL level performing consistently,” he said.

“That’s putting pressure on the players at senior level, but that’s healthy for the football club.

“At some stage or another, those players will get their opportunity, whether it’s in the coming weeks or further down the track, and that’s exciting for the club.”

Lloyd shared his WAFL notes for all the Fremantle Dockers who played in round 3 of the WAFL:

Reserves – East Fremantle 20.7 (127) defeated Claremont 14.6 (90)

Cameron Sutcliffe (EF) – 9 disposals (3 kicks, 6 handballs), 2 goals

Cam started on the wing and played on the ball throughout the game. His ground ball in congestion was very good and he finished with two goals. Cam is focussed on building his conditioning and improving the frequency of his performances going forward.

League – East Fremantle 19.8 (122) defeated Claremont 13.10 (88)

Sam Menegola (EF) – 18 disposals (12 kicks, 6 handballs) 5 marks, 3 inside-50

Sam’s work-rate was good playing as a high forward, wing and on-baller. He worked his opponent hard up the ground and then released hard to get back to the contest and he was very good above his head, which is one of his strengths. Sam’s ball use was excellent, too. We were very pleased with his game.

Alex Silvagni (C) 
– 13 disposals (13 kicks, 7 marks), 2 goals

Alex played as a tall forward. One of his greatest assets is his intensity and hardness around contests. He ran, tackled and chased, presented well and gave a contest every time the ball was presented to him. He kicked two goals and we’re seeing what a great competitor Alex is.

Jonathon Griffin (EF) – 17 disposals (13 kicks, 4 handballs) 4 marks, 2 goals, 23 hitouts, 9 inside-50

Jonathon played ruck, where he was outstanding in giving his team first opportunity. Jon’s second and third efforts at ground level after the ruck contests were first rate. He ended up having six clearances. Roger Hayden was at that game and he said Jon’s game was a standout.

Reserves – South Fremantle 13.11 (89) defeated Subiaco 6.8 (44) 

Jordan Wilson-King (SF) – 18 disposals (10 kicks, 8 handballs)

Jordan played as an inside-mid and across half-back. Ashley Prescott went to this game and observed that Jordan really generates speed and power very quickly and gets involved in passages of play where he gets multiple possessions by taking tacklers on or getting the one-two. His ability to carry the ball away from stoppages is a real positive and he tackles with a nasty edge, which we like. We’re just building towards getting Jordan ready to play WAFL league.

League – Subiaco 18.5 (113) defeated South Fremantle 15.15 (105)

Haiden Schloithe (SF) – 9 disposals (7 kicks, 2 handballs) 6 tackles, 2 goals

Haiden was very lively in the first quarter. He came out and played with a great deal of energy as a high forward and showed some good pressure inside the forward 50 with six tackles. We want Haiden to concentrate on getting to more contests and finding that consistency over four quarters.

Antoni Grover (S) – 17 disposals, (11 kicks 6 handballs), 5 marks, 4 rebound-50s

Antoni covered a lot of ground as a high defender. He played on a very quick player in Alex Grima, who looked dangerous early, but to Antoni’s credit, he worked him out and won his position. He ended up running over 14km, so he had a solid game. He also looked to rebound where possible and he was strong in the contests at ground level and in the air. A really solid game from Antoni.

Reserves – Peel Thunder 16.11 (107) defeated Perth 6.9 (45)

Anthony Morabito (PT) – 15 disposals (10 kicks, 5 handballs) 4 marks, 1 goal

Anthony played around 50 minutes as an inside midfielder. He found some nice rhythm and worked harder as the game went on. We saw him start to carry the ball in that familiar ‘Mora’ fashion, with real burst. He finished his game with a strong mark and he kicked a goal. He’s pulled up very well and he’ll play league this week.

League – Perth 12.12 (84) defeated Peel 12.7 (79)

Tom Sheridan (Peel) – 19 disposals (10 kicks, 9 handballs) 2 goals

Tom played on the wing and through half-forward in the second half. He ran hard and showed a strong ability to work hard inside the contest. He significantly increased his intent at the contests from last week and he created run from the defensive half. Tom ran some nice patterns when he didn’t have the football and had a good game.

Peter Faulks (Peel) – 17 disposals (10 kicks, 7 handballs) 7 marks

Peter played deep in defence to start and then played higher across the 50m line. His man-on-man contest work was very good. One of his focus areas from the previous week was checking his opponent and not getting turned inside out. He did that very well so we were very happy. His offensive transition was proactive and he took a number of strong marks for the day. Overall, it was an encouraging game from Peter.

Jesse Crichton (Peel) – 12 disposals (7 kicks, 5 handballs)

Jesse rotated between wing and half-forward before settling at half-back in the second half. We’re focussing strongly on Jesse maintaining a consistent four-quarter effort. He at times displayed the run and carry to break lines, which is his game, but we need to make sure he keeps getting into those situations.

League – West Perth 13.8 (86) defeated East Perth 11.12 (78)

Dylan Roberton (EP) –
 26 disposals (22 kicks, 4 handballs) 13 marks, 4 inside-50

Dylan’s been playing some very consistent football for a number of weeks now. He played on the wing and never stopped running. He works back to assist the defenders and the thing we were happy about was that he had a balanced spread of possessions. He didn’t just get them all deep in defence, it was in different areas of the ground. He’s getting bigger and stronger and showing some positive signs.

Hayden Crozier (EP)
 – 11 disposals (7 kicks, 4 handballs), 2 goals

Hayden’s made a good start to the WAFL season. He showed courage in the air, threw himself at the contests at ground level and his kicking was excellent, particularly his depth and accuracy. We’re focussing on building his strength so that, in time, he can stick the tackles. He shows great endeavour and he kicked two quality goals.

Jay van Berlo (WP) – 25 disposals (16 kicks, 9 handballs) 9 marks, 5 tackles

Jay played the majority of the game in the midfield with a couple of stints on the wing. He ran very well and had plenty of time with the football. The thing we saw was that he backed himself and looked to move the ball quickly and assuredly, which was a great sign.

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