Geelong’s premiership defence began in arrogant fashion. They were selfish and sucked in and ultimately beaten by a team more composed at the start of the game and, significantly, the end of the game.

This epic encounter across the country will certainly see Matthew Scarlett (right) suspended for at least the next three weeks.

Fans – and players – have congratulated Scarlett for nailing Hayden Ballantyne, but it was nothing more than arrogance and stupidity from a footballer who thought he was above the normal boundaries of the game.

Scarlett’s frustration and needless want to chin Ballantyne overrode any rational thoughts.

It was a case of: “I’m angry, you belted Chappy, get out of my face, I’m going to belt you.”

Scarlett will get his whack, and rightly so.

There might be more casualties, too.

The AFL is careful of its image and in particular the use of social media.

It’s why Port Adelaide’s Alipate Carlisle and Gold Coast’s Trent McKenzie should get a call from football operations boss Adrian Anderson today.

Sent from their Twitter accounts were the following:

Carlisle: “Matty Scarlett just done (sic) what a lot of other footballers would love to do #brilliant”

McKenzie: “Matty Scarlett did a favor for most people. #lethimoff.”

It seems Ballantyne is so outrageously annoying he gets up the noses of players who aren’t even playing.

Ballantyne got in the face of many people on Saturday, and although there wasn’t much to it, even Cats coach Chris Scott found himself swapping words with the Docker mouthpiece as he walked from the ground at halftime.

Ballantyne got himself talking to the opposition coach! Bloody amazing effort that.

Clearly, Scott’s players were too arrogant for their own good.

James Podsiadly pushed Nick Suban in the face and got 50m. Pods knew he was in the wrong.

Steve Johnson won a free kick against Ballantyne and then after he kicked it, decided to wrap his arm around the neck of Ballantyne.

It resulted in a double “reverse ” which led to a goal for Nathan Fyfe, who incidentally is a top-20 rated player in my opinion.

Johnson took it upon himself to exact revenge to satisfy his own frustration. In doing so, he put himself above the team.

Then came halftime, when cameras caught Paul Chapman on his haunches and virtually vomiting. The culprit is alleged to have been Ballantyne. If so, video footage down the ground will catch him.

If not, Chappy might have to sing like a canary because the AFL will ask him what happened.

And then came Scarlett’s brain fade.

It resulted in a goal for Ballantyne and when the final margin was four points, it was more than a brain fade. It was game changing – and all because the greatest full-back of the past 30 years was angry about a little pest in his face.

Fans have congratulated Scarlett for his actions, but that is a “jungle law” mentality.

Ballantyne is allowed to annoy, harass and mentally intimidate his opposition players as long as it’s above the law. If he is guilty of the Chapman hit, the MRP will act accordingly.

On Saturday night, the Cats acted like they were the toughest gun-slingers in the saloon and they were affronted when some newbies wandered through the swing doors looking for a scrap.

The ironic thing is, for the past five years the Cats have harassed and bullied and intimidated their opposition and, on Saturday night, they got some back and couldn’t handle it.

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