Former Fremantle boss Mark Harvey says he would never follow Ross Lyon’s example and hold secret talks with a club knowing the current coach was still under contract

Asked about whether there was a brotherhood among coaches that dictated behaviour of those in the coaching game, Harvey was clear in his view.

“Put it this way,” Harvey said on SEN’s Morning Glory. “If I was asked by another club and that coach had a contract, I certainly wouldn’t be entertaining it.”

When told of Lyon’s comments on On The Couch on Monday night, where the Fremantle coach said he wouldn’t be calling Harvey, the new Brisbane Lions assistant bristled.

“If he feels that way, that’s fine,” he said.

“I certainly won’t be picking up the phone.”

While Harvey was shocked and disappointed to lose the Fremantle job, he said it was the Lions’ relentless pursuit of him that convinced him not to take a break.

“Financially I didn’t necessarily have to do anything but Brisbane had rang me a number of times trying to persuade me to come over to have a look at how they were going about things and [explaining] where they see themselves going in the future,” Harvey said.

“It was more the relentless communication that really swayed me.

“When you’ve been involved in footy for a number of years at a coaching level and your day-to-day basis is 10 hours a day, I would have found it difficult not to do anything.

“I have a real passion for the game so [joining the Lions’ coaching staff] really appealed to me.”

Enjoying his new role, Harvey said he harbours no desire to again be a head coach.

“I’m quite happy doing what I’m doing,” he said.

In fact, Harvey sees his experience as a head coach as helpful to the Lions this year.

“You’ve done it, you understand it and [having been] a senior coach, you really do understand what Michael [Voss] is going through and what he needs,” he said.

Harvey is clearly enjoying his new role with the Lions and fancies it won’t be long before the club is once again a premiership force.

“I was surprised by the younger talent they do have after spending three months here,” he said.

“I’ve certainly been surprised by how quickly this club can perhaps get back to what it was a couple of years ago.

“We understand it is going to take a bit of time but players like [Tom] Rockliff, [Daniel] Rich, [Jack] Redden, [Matthew] Leuenberger, [Todd] Banfield, these sort of young players, they are going to have long, sustained careers.”

There was also special praise for Lions champions Jonathan Brown and Simon Black.

“Brown and Black, you understand why they have come from a successful era, why they’re playing their games for the length of time that they are,” Harvey said.

“They are elite.”

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