Jack Anthony has already been on a few Community Camps in his AFL career and the Freo forward says it’s an event he looks forward to every year.

He was in Esperance today for Fremantle’s 2012 Australia Post AFL Community Camp.

Anthony, who visited south west WA town Albany in 2008 when his former club Collingwood played a regional challenge match there, said this year’s Camp has been one of the best.

“It’s been fantastic to meet some of the great people in this community,” he said.

“Many people here love making the trek up to Perth to watch the footy, so they loved the opportunity to have us visit them.”

“In the bigger cities it’s easier to get involved with football. But with Esperance, for instance, it’s so far away the only chance they really get to meet footballers is here.”

Anthony and teammates Stephen Hill, Peter Faulks and Hayden Crozier visited Esperance Christian Primary School and Scadden Primary School to spread the AFL’s message of living a healthy lifestyle.

“I’ve really enjoyed this school visit because the group really took on board what we were telling them and they got involved,” Anthony said.

“And a couple of them got us laughing.”

Constable Care, a Principle Charity partner of the Fremantle Dockers, also made the journey to Esperance where they performed a puppet show at Esperance Christian Primary School.

“I thought the puppet show was particularly great because Constable Care spreads really important messages to kids all around the state,” Anthony said.

The Freo forward said the Community Camps were a great initiative from the AFL.

“It’s important for all 18 clubs to get out among the community,” he said.

“I know if I was living out in the country, I would love to see a footballer come out.

“I think the people of Esperance have really appreciated our visit here and that brings a smile to my face.”

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