De-listed Docker Casey Sibosado’s future is in limbo because of a quirk in the WAFL salary cap points system which may have priced him out of all clubs except Claremont.

Sibosado’s solitary AFL game, in round 24 against the Western Bulldogs last year when the Dockers picked their team from 23 fit players, has elevated his value from eight points as an AFL rookie-listed player under WAFL rules to 12 points as a listed player who played an AFL match.

Claremont, his club of origin, can take him at a cost of just one point.

But Sibosado, 21, who played only three games for the Tigers in 2009 and was shifted to Perth to get senior opportunities, has made it clear his preference is to stay at Perth, where he has played 30 matches over the past two seasons. The Demons, who have recruited strongly over summer, asked other clubs for permission to downgrade his value so they could retain him but the only club to support them was Claremont.

WAFL football operations manager Clint Roberts said Sibosado’s situation was unfortunate.

“His preference is to stay at Perth,” he said. “When he was de-listed as an AFL player, the ruling was that he would go back to being a Claremont player. He is worth one point to Claremont as a local player.

“Perth are weighing up who they have got and at 12 points they don’t see him fitting into their side.

“They have approached us and pointed out that the circumstances of that one game (last season) were dire for Fremantle.

“Any young player is going to take the opportunity of an AFL game but the impact of it for him is that it moves him from eight points to 12 points on our system, which is a tough scenario for him if he doesn’t want to play at Claremont.”

Roberts said the WAFC had the power to intervene on Sibosado’s behalf if they felt the situation warranted it.

“My personal view is that it is very hard on a person like Casey to be valued at 12 points,” he said.

“He is only young and probably played his best football last year as a forward at Perth and could be classed as a developing player and a local player.

“We want to keep those people in the game as much as we can.”

Claremont general manager Todd Shimmon said his club had contacted Sibosado and told him he was welcome there if no other club would have him.

“He may get more opportunity at other clubs,” Shimmon said, though he believed Sibosado could add depth to his club’s defence.

“If no one can fit him in we are not going to shut the door on him.”

Perth general manager Brian Leys said his club was disappointed about Sibosado’s plight.

“We asked, and Claremont agreed, to look at a reduction of points in regards to Casey because if he hadn’t have played that one game of (AFL) football he certainly would have been eligible to play for us,” he said.

Leys said Sibosado regarded himself as a Perth player.

“We gave Casey the opportunity to play football for us when Claremont couldn’t fit him in their senior team,” he said.

“It would be extremely disappointing if we couldn’t find a way for Casey Sibosado to be playing football.”Source Link

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