The result of the Fremantle Dockers’ club song member poll was confirmed at tonight’s Annual Members’ Meeting, with Ken Walther’s Freo Way To Go, the reworked version of the original club song, announced as the winner.

More than 33 per cent, or 8700 of the club’s 26,000 eligible voting club members participated in the poll, which opened on Tuesday 25 October and closed at 5.00pm yesterday.

The club’s objective was to arrive at a list of alternate songs, including the current song, for the members to consider in an appropriate process.

The song poll was overseen by Computershare, an independent and internationally recognised company that has run the club’s member-elected polls since 2007.

The high level of interest in the process was confirmed by the number of visits to the club’s website, where people could listen to all four songs.

In the four weeks the song poll was open the website’s song page had 91,878 views.

The page had 71,928 unique visits, with each person spending an average of five minutes and 11 seconds listening to the four options.

In order of their appearance on the ballot paper, as randomly drawn and overseen by Computershare Returning Officer Ken Dyer, the songs were:

Freo Freo, by Eskimo Joe; The Mighty Roar of Freo, by Rosco Elliott; Freo Way To Go, by Ken Walther and the original version of the Fremantle Club Song, by Ken Walther.
On the ballot, all songs had to be ranked from one through to four, with a one representing an eligible voting member’s 1st preference or most favoured option, two as their 2nd preference, three as their 3rd preference and four as their 4th preference or least favoured option.

The winner was determined by a ranking system that took into account the total of all four preferences after they had been tallied. In accordance with the methodology of the ranking system, the song that polled the lowest number was declared the winner.

The final results in finishing order, with the lowest tally determining the winner, were:

Freo Way To Go, 16,403; Freo Freo, 19,471; the original club song, 23,178 and The Mighty Roar of Freo, 28,088.

While the ranking method used in the song poll saw Freo Way To Go secure a relatively comfortable win over Eskimo Joe’s song, the result would have been significantly closer on a first-past-the-post basis.

Fremantle president Steve Harris said that the players would relish singing Freo Way To Go loudly, proudly and as often as possible after games in 2012 and beyond.

“It’s a great result for our members and supporters, and we thank all of the members who participated in the poll for their contribution,” he said.

“I know that our members and supporters will look forward to seeing and hearing the players sing Ken Walther’s new song with great gusto in the future.”

Harris also praised the methodology used in the song poll, saying the ranking of preferences meant that the result was determined on a much fairer basis than first-past-the-post.

“The result of the member song poll, which saw our original club song ranked third in the preferences, also confirmed that there was a clear appetite for change with what is one of the club’s key brand elements,” Harris said.

“Given that the majority of members who participated in the song poll overwhelmingly sought change and the fact that the song poll page on the club’s website had almost 72,000 unique visits, justifies the process that was undertaken,” Harris said.

“Our members were able to have their say on the club song via a methodology that was much fairer than a first-past-the-post basis.”

Everyone who participated in the poll had to rank all four songs with all four preferences being tallied to determine the winner, whereas a first-past-the-post poll would have required only one choice to be made, with an increased likelihood of splitting the vote.

The background to the club song poll is that last October when Fremantle launched its new logo and new jumper for the 2011 season following a landmark agreement with Levi Strauss to use the name “Dockers”, it was announced, as part of the review of the club’s brand elements, that eligible voting club members would be provided with the opportunity to have their say on the club song.

The club thanks all eligible voting club members for participating in the song poll and for their contribution in determining the Fremantle Dockers’ club song for 2012 and beyond.

On behalf of the club and all members, thank you also to the people who produced the four songs for members to consider.

Firstly, thank you to Ken Walther, who wrote both our original club song and the reworked worked version – Freo Way To Go – which proved to be the clear choice of the more than 8700 members who participated in the poll.

Thank you also to our number one ticket holders, Eskimo Joe’s Stuart MacLeod, Kav Temperley and Joel Quartermain, for producing Freo Freo. The song’s second placing in the poll showed it was popular with a significant proportion of members.

Finally, thank you to Rosco Elliott for the time, effort and energy that went into producing The Mighty Roar of Freo.


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