Fremantle Dockers’ president Steve Harris has issued a reminder to all eligible voting club members, urging them to take the opportunity to participate in the club song poll.

The poll, which opened on 25 October, closes next Monday, 21 November.

Fremantle has more than 25,000 eligible voting club members. So far almost 5500 eligible members have declared their preference for the song they want as the club’s official anthem for 2012 and beyond.

The club has put forward four options for eligible members to nominate their preferences in the poll, which is being overseen by Computershare, an independent and internationally recognised company that has run the club’s member-elected polls since 2007.

In order of their appearance on the ballot paper, as randomly drawn and overseen by Computershare Returning Officer Ken Dyer, the songs are: Freo Freo, by Eskimo Joe; The Mighty Roar of Freo, by Rosco Elliott; the reworked version of the current Fremantle Club Song, by Ken Walther and the current version of the Fremantle Club Song, by Ken Walther.

Harris said that almost 80,000 people had visited the club’s website to listen to the songs.

“Our website’s song poll page has had more than 60,000 unique visits, with the average time on the page being five minutes and 13 seconds. However, only 22 per cent of eligible members have so far taken the opportunity to have their say,” Harris said.

“It’s possible that some eligible members are waiting until the last minute but, with only a week to go before the poll closes, I would encourage them to act sooner rather than later and take the opportunity to have their say.”

On the ballot, all songs must be ranked from one through to four, with a one representing an eligible voting member’s 1st preference or most favoured option, two as their 2nd preference, three as their 3rd preference and four as their 4th preference or least favoured option.

The winner will be determined by ranking system that takes into account all preferences after they have been tallied. The song that polls the lowest number is the winner.

All details relating to the song poll are available online at, including a recording of the four options and a link to the Computershare poll site, where eligible members can also listen to the four songs. A list of frequently asked questions is also available on the club’s website.

Eligible members who are unable to access the online song poll are asked to contact the Returning Officer at Computershare toll free on 1800 240 602 to obtain a postal ballot paper.

Eligible members who are unable to listen to the songs online can attend the club’s offices at Fremantle Oval to hear a recording of the four songs before nominating the preferences and posting the ballot paper to Computershare in the reply paid envelope, or leave it in the secure ballot box at the club’s reception desk.

The poll closes at 5.00pm (WST) on Monday 21 November, 2011. The result will be announced at the club’s Annual Members’ Meeting on Tuesday 22 November, 2011.


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