Former Fremantle coach Mark Harvey has spoken for the first time of his shock sacking from the Dockers in September.

Harvey, who had a year to run on his contract, was axed on September 15 and replaced immediately by Ross Lyon.

Speaking on Perth television, Harvey – who is considering a move to the Gold Coast as an assistant coach – refused to publicly criticise Lyon for his role in the saga.

But the 46-year-old admitted he was totally blindsided by the decision of the Fremantle chief executive Steve Rosich, president Steve Harris and football manager Chris Bond after going in to what he thought was a 2012 planning meeting.

“I was planning pre-season and a fair way down the track and basically I got a call to go into the boardroom and talk to a few guys in there,” Harvey said.

“When I walked in, you could tell by tone and body language that there was something around the corner.

“It didn’t go for too long, maybe five minutes all up and there was a few questions that got raised and once I knew it was an immediate thing, I said ‘OK, if that’s how it is’, and then effectively that was it, I walked out.

“I asked a number of questions and there’s obviously confidentiality with that, but they did make it known that they thought they had another option and obviously that’s turned out to be Ross.

“But it was an interesting meeting and hopefully I don’t go through that again.”

Harvey chose his words carefully, trying not to find himself embroiled in a slanging match with either Lyon or his former employer.

“I probably have thought of a few things,” Harvey told Channel 7 when asked what he would say to Lyon if and when they were to cross paths.

“But whatever transpires, transpires. I haven’t got a public opinion on Ross. I think he used the words ‘head-hunted’. That’s fair enough, it probably says enough.”

Harvey said Lyon had been handed a list capable of winning next year’s premiership.

“The plan was next year we were going to strike – and, for that matter, the year after.”

The role Harvey is said to be considering at Gold Coast is understood to be similar to the one that will be performed by Rodney Eade at Collingwood.

It may also allow him to remain living in Perth.

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