Jack Anthony 
Struggled to get as many opportunities as he would have liked coming into a new club, but he’s settled now and ready to have a good pre-season and bounce back next year. It was good to see him play well in defence late in the year.

Hayden Ballantyne 
Fantastic small forward who kicked 23 goals in 17 games, also giving the team enormous forward pressure and adding pace to the midfield, where he’ll get more opportunities. Had a really good year and continues to improve.

Michael Barlow
We got more than we expected out of Michael this season after such a serious injury, which is a credit to him. It was fantastic to see him back out there in nine games and he’s really looking forward to having a pre-season and bouncing back to his form of 2010.

Kepler Bradley 
Had a fantastic pre-season and a really good start to the year, kicking 21 goals in the first 11 games. Probably struggled for opportunities later in the year, but bounced back and played the last two games. Overall it was a pretty solid year and he’ll be looking to establish himself as a key forward target over pre-season.

Greg Broughton 
Played 21 games but struggled with multiple injuries, which held him back a little bit. He was played midfield at times, probably through necessity, but showed he can have an impact there and played some really good games for us. A solid year.

Zac Clarke 
Really jumped out of the pack and got the opportunity to play 13 games. As his confidence grew he was able to use his weapon, which is his run and his athleticism. He played forward, midfield and ruck, taking contested marks and enjoying a really good year of improvement. Can form a very strong partnership with Aaron Sandilands.

Jesse Crichton 
Worked hard and played most of his seven games early, but found himself out of the side and probably didn’t improve as much as he would have liked. Coming into his third year he’ll be very keen to train hard over summer, get into the side early and stay there.

Ryan Crowley 
Played 19 games but didn’t have a great year, playing in run-with and defensive forward roles. He would be looking to have a productive summer and get back to being an important cog in the side and producing consistent form.

Matt de Boer
Played 16 games and really gave the side strong forward pressure, also pushing into the midfield with his mature body. Unfortunately his year finished early with injury, but it was another year of improvement as a member of the leadership group for the first time. Hopefully moving towards more midfield time in 2012.

Paul Duffield 
Played 21 games, but certainly not at the level of the last couple of years. He wasn’t able to get the ball in his hands as much as he has in past years to set us up off half-back, and I know he’s super keen to bounce back. Through necessity he played more time in the midfield.

Peter Faulks 
Has come a long way in 12 months after coming in hopelessly underdone by his own admission. He hung in and had some really strong WAFL form from mid-season before playing two games late. I think he’ll go into this pre-season with a lot more confidence, knowing he can play at the level.

Nat Fyfe
Really jumped out of the pack and had an outstanding first half of the year, becoming a fantastic midfielder for us. He slowed down slightly towards the end with some injuries, but played 21 games and had a breakout year. He’s set high standards, but he’s a driven kid and will continue to improve.

Jon Griffin 
Although he was frustrated early, John had a fantastic attitude and produced strong WAFL form in the ruck. To his credit, when his opportunity came through injury to Sandilands he really grabbed it and played with aggression, proving in his first year at the club that he can really play.

Antoni Grover 
Had a really solid year, playing mostly on the talls early. Through necessity he was used on small forwards in the second half of the year, so his flexibility, experience and hard edge was really important for us. It was really pleasing to see him rewarded for his hard work over the summer.

Roger Hayden 
Battled injury and was a huge loss to the side, with his ability to control play behind the ball and rebound for us sorely missed. His physicality in the three games he played was all Roger Hayden and he ends his career a really respected but under-rated player.

Stephen Hill
Struggled with the tight attention as we lost Mundy and our other playmakers, and didn’t get enough help from his teammates at times. He was still able to have an impact, playing 22 games, and he helps the team defensively. The challenge for him is to find ways to stay in the game consistently.

Garrick Ibbotson 
Had an unfortunate ankle injury in the pre-season but came back and played as a defender, giving us rebound and playing on dangerous small forwards. He showed improvement and I think he’ll look at progressing into a midfield role in 2012.

Michael Johnson 
Struggled for consistent form and had an indifferent year, but he hung in there to his credit and played his best game for the year against the Bulldogs in round 24. He played midfield, forward and back because of injuries, but he probably needs to grab a role and make it his own in 2012.

Nick Lower
To come in as a rookie and play 19 games was a great result for Nick. He had a significant impact in some of those games and his physicality really helped our young group. His intent at the ball stands out and he was a great addition to our team.

Chris Mayne 
Played the majority of the year as a forward and probably didn’t hit the scoreboard as much as he would have liked, but his pressure as always was first class. He had a couple of runs in the midfield, so he is another one who can probably look to add depth to the midfield next year.

Luke McPharlin 
Had a fantastic year taking on all the key forwards in the competition and never letting us down despite being under a lot of pressure. His ability to mark the ball in contested situations in the back 50 takes a lot of pressure off and he controlled the backline at times, particularly in the air.

Adam McPhee 
Had a big injury again, unfortunately missing a lot of footy. He can play forward, midfield and back, so his flexibility is really important to us and we need him to get his body right and have a good run at pre-season. It’ll be interesting to see where the new coach settles him.

Josh Mellington 
Came in as the youngest player on our list and did a great job to play a couple of games mid-season. He had good form in the WAFL for West Perth and he showed in his two senior games that with hard work he could become a really good forward with the potential to play midfield as well. Loves the contested side of the game.

Viv Michie
Played some really good footy through the pre-season but unfortunately suffered a serious foot injury early in the year. The season became about getting though the rehab for Viv and building towards 2012. He was close to a senior game when he got injured, so we think there’s a bit to work with.

Anthony Morabito
Suffered a long-term knee injury early in the pre-season and was a big loss for us after a great first year. We really missed his speed and power running through the lines, and everyone’s excited about getting him out there next year.

David Mundy
Continued his elite form before he was injured and really developed his on-field leadership. We’re really keen to get him back in the team and he’ll enter next season in his prime. Our midfield just wasn’t the same without him this year.

Tendai Mzungu 
Had an outstanding pre-season, but a knee injury unfortunately forced him to miss eight weeks. In a sign of the respect that he’d already built up he came straight in for his debut when available and showed good ball-use and decision-making. He’ll attack this pre-season with confidence.

Matthew Pavlich 
Had a great year, leading from the front, playing midfield and still hitting the scoreboard. In a really hard year for the club I thought the captain stood up and he won our best and fairest. His early-season form was exceptional and he carried the team from that point on.

Jayden Pitt
Thrown in as our first pick early and played some okay footy. He’s highly skilled and is a really good endurance athlete; he just needs to put on some weight. He’ll be hitting the gym hard over the summer to get his body to a level where he can compete with stronger men.

Dylan Roberton 
Really improved the defensive side of his game this season and played 14 games. He’s a really good endurance athlete but he’s another one who needs to continue to put on some size. With his height, endurance and skill, he can play both tall and small, so we’ll look to use his flexibility.

Gavin Roberts 
Came in with an injury that we knew was going to take a fair bit of time to get right, so he was more of a project player coming in as a rookie. He’s in a good position now where he’ll be ready to start pre-season training. He’s got real speed and a raking left-foot kick.

Aaron Sandilands
Started the season in fantastic form but suffered a couple of injuries and was a huge loss for us at a crucial stage of the year. We missed his leadership and he’s obviously the best big man in the competition, so it was the biggest injury of the lot.

Byron Schammer
Produced some solid football at WAFL level, and it was great that he got the chance to play a couple of games towards the end of the season, because his form warranted it. Has been a great servant of the club in 129 games and it was his decision to step away.

Alex Silvagni 
Fought his way through pre-season and got himself in a position to play but then had a stomach infection and missed 10 games. He was rushed back in and did an outstanding job on Jonathan Brown in round 14. He showed that he’s a key defender that can have a long career.

Nick Suban 
Managed some good football early in the season but he was another player cut down after a really good pre-season, breaking his leg in round four. He missed a lot of time and came back in with little preparation, but he’s a solid young player and he should launch himself with a solid pre-season and an injury-free run.

Jay van Berlo 
Started well and continued to work hard when he found himself out of the side at times. He played through injury for a little while and eventually it got the better of him. He can play forward, midfield or back, so he’s another one who just needs a bit of luck with injury to take the next step.

Michael Walters

Unfortunately for Michael the high point for him was kicking the winning goal in round one against the Brisbane Lions. Though injury and form his season really ran away after that and his year was ended by a serious injury. He’s got to put in the hard work over summer and make a decision on how much it means to him.

Delisted: Justin Bollenhagen, Ben Bucovaz, Clayton Hinkley, Joel Houghton, Clancee Pearce, Hamish Shepheard and Casey Sibosado   

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