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Australian rockers Eskimo Joe have confirmed they are putting together one of the potential replacements for Fremantle’s much-maligned club song.

As he prepared for an appearance at Grand Final on Saturday, drummer Joel Quartermain confirmed the band were currently working on their attempt at a new club song, and would be recording it on their return to Perth.

Currently the number one ticket holders at the club, Quartermai said the band had been working on the new song for some time.

“The current one is a shocker, so hopefully you will hear our new one in the next few months,” Quartermain told SEN Radio in Melbourne.

A year after they controversially removed the anchor from the front of their guernsey’, the Dockers are forging ahead with plans to change the contentious ‘Heave Ho’ song, which has divided footballing opinion since the club’s inception in 1995.

A poll of club members will be held in November to determine whether the existing song will be retained for 2012, a new version used – or a brand new song adopted by the club.

Ken Walther, who wrote the original version based on the traditional Russian shipboard working song ‘The Song of the Volga Boatmen’, has been commissioned to rework his original.

Having formed in East Fremantle in 1997, Eskimo Joe have gone on to conquer Australian music, winning eight ARIA awards – with singles including ‘Black Fingernails, Red Wine’ huge hits across the world.

In the past they have also had their song ‘From The Sea’ used in West Coast Eagles marketing.

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