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GWS head coach Kevin Sheedy has launched a remarkable attack on Fremantle, saying he hopes their playing stocks get raided by Melbourne clubs as payback for sacking Mark Harvey.

As Ross Lyon settles into the Dockers’ hotseat, with a round of media interviews scheduled on Friday to further introduce himself in WA, the Giants’ biggest mouthpiece was using it to again criticise the handling of Harvey’s departure.

Having helped lure one Docker away this year in Rhys Palmer, Sheedy said he hoped other Melbourne clubs followed suit given the way the ex-Bomber legend was treated.

“Of course they didn’t (treat him right) – they didn’t think about it – and they will get their whack,” Sheedy said.

“It would be great to see every club in Melbourne take a player and see how they suffer.

“I just thought that was the wrong thing to do to a person who has had about 12 injured players, put in every kid on the list, had a look and then – see you later, after making the finals last year.

“We are trying to get coaches in the game for a long time. And as a coaches association we are not happy with that at all.”

Harvey has said little since his shock sacking, which raised questions about the traditional loyalty for AFL clubs in the era of $1 billion TV rights deals and increased player power.

The most quoted commentary was from AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou, who questioned the actions of Fremantle in secretly negotiating with the Dockers without the knowledge of the Saints or his then-manager Craig Kelly.

While denying he had particularly criticised Fremantle, Demetriou reiterated the public were allowed to question traditional values in football and society in general.

“The way things are conducted is far more important than this issue – there are certain things that should be done in a proper manner, with courtesy, integrity, transparency,” Demetriou told the Melbourne Press Club.

“I think the public is entitled to expect that these values are maintained.

“People actually want to believe people – do I think the public are entitled to question industry’s – and of course they are entitled to ask that question.

“It got portrayed in WA that I have slagged off Ross Lyon.

“I was reiterating that it is the absolute legitimate right of people to make an issue of these values.

“Unless we can get back in society to restoring these values – we are in trouble.”

Demetriou also questioned why the loyalty of Tom Scully in moving to GWS was questioned, while Chris Judd’s integrity was not when he moved from West Coast to Carlton.

“I don’t think anyone in this room were bemoaning West Coast when Chris Judd came back to Melbourne,” Demetriou said.

“Chris Judd was pretty loyal to West Coast … and not a whimper about that in Melbourne, because he was primarily a Melbourne kid coming back to Melbourne.

“In the west it was heartbreaking.

“But I don’t think anyone has anything but respect for the way Chris Judd plays his football and the type of person he is.

“Why he is any more or less loyal than Tom Scully?”

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