The hard work and dedication required to play AFL football continues for the Fremantle Dockers, despite the playing squad currently being on annual leave.

Fremantle Sports Science manager Jason Weber said all players were tested for anthropometrics (lean muscle mass and fat) and a variety of athletic parameters in the week after the club’s last game in round 24.

“Using that data and previous information each player is given specific targets that they must maintain during the break,” Weber said

“All players are provided with programs that are aimed at having them prepared for what they are required to do on day one back at the club.”

Weber said experienced players like Matthew Pavlich and Aaron Sandilands have a lighter load as compared to a younger player like Jayden Pitt.

“Pav and Spider are both lined up for a longer regeneration period,” he said.

“But they still have targets to meet and they have already both been working to maintain their fitness.

“The younger players will be having a shorter break and then move quickly back into strength work in order to prepare for 2012.”

Weber said the players still had to maintain correct diet and nutrition while away, but to what extent varied depending upon the individual.

“Some need to work harder than others at this stage of the year to meet their targets,” he said.

Weber said the club’s lengthy injury list meant many players would still be around the club during their scheduled leave in order to get themselves right for the commencement of pre-season training.

“There are a number of players still around the club at the moment completing rehab and working on their preparation for next year,” he said.

“As we have an extended surgery list from 2011, there will be quite a few more boys working on getting their injuries right.”

Weber added that Anthony Morabito, who missed 2011 with a knee injury, was tracking along nicely to join his teammates for pre-season training in November.

“Anthony is nearing the end of his baseline strength program,” he said.

“Notably, he has surpassed all his performance data from the 2010 pre-season.

“After a short break he will commence a re-conditioning phase which will include more advanced coordination work with respect to his knee.”

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