Outraged Fremantle supporters want sacked coach Mark Harvey to lead another club next year.

In many of the 600+ comments sent to PerthNow by readers so far today, fans have called for Harvey to start afresh in the AFL.

“Go to Melbourne Harves,” said Gazza of Perth.

“Come back to bombers Mark! You are a champ!” posted Bombers of Essendon.

“There are still plenty of more coaching jobs open for you Harvey! The Dockers may live to regret this decision as they were on the way of having a good year, if it wasn’t for injuries. Shock sacking for 2011,” said Jill of Melbourne.

Even West Coast Eagles fans have extended the olive branch to their former foe.

“Poor form Freo. I’m a WCE supporter, but thought Harvey had done well with the list. No team could put up a good show with the injuries they’ve had this season. Good luck for the future Harvey.

“Bunch of idiots! Sack the Board instead! Worst decision ever made by the club. Plenty of majorly p’ed off fans out here,” said another.

A PerthNow news poll asked readers: Should the Dockers have sacked Mark Harvey? By 10.30am today the poll had attracted more than 6000 responses.

Some 75 per cent of respondents (4500 votes) said: “No, he did all he could”.

About 1000 readers supported the move.

Irate fans have been threatening to hand back their memberships after the club went behind Harvey’s back to appoint its new coach, Ross Lyon.

Steve wrote: “Best coach that they’ve had since their inception and they get rid of him? No wonder this club is a basket case.”

Shannon Mcdonald wrote: “Disgusting what the Fremantle board have done. Injuries have killed the season for the Dockers and sacking the coach is the right thing to do is it? Not. Mark Harvey is a very good coach and the coach is the scapegoat once again. Shame on you, Freo. Give the board the heave ho.”

Talkback radio has been running hot in Perth over the shock sacking of Fremantle Dockers coach Mark Harvey.

Many callers responded angrily to Harvey’s dumping and news that former St Kilda coach Ross Lyon will take over, but not all are sorry to see Harvey go.

Talkback radio was flooded with calls from angry Dockers fans on Thursday night, with some promising to tear up their membership.

Long-time Freo supporter Esso said he found the manner of Harvey’s sacking distasteful.

“Okay, if you didn’t want Mark Harvey there at least tell the man you’re reviewing it and that you have other options you’re looking at,” he told ABC Radio.

Some fans, like Pauline of Perth, are turning their back on the club: “What a gutless thing to do. Mark did what he could with what he had. The Board needs to take a long hard look at itself. Disgusted with what you have done and the way you have done it. The Dockers have lost my support,” she said.

Matt of The Ridge chipped in: “I am a Eagles fan, but what a joke. What was he suppose to do with all the injuries that he had?”

Ringo of Perth posted: “Freo, you are a pack of muppets, I go for West Coast but that was wrong, injuries hurt Freo not the coach.”

“Stunned is not the word for it,” wrote another fan. “Mark Harvey has done wonders for the Dockers and most of the supporters love him. What a load of jollies the board are . . . absolute disgusting. This shouldn’t happen to such a nice guy and great coach as Harvey. There will be a lot of very very unhappy supporters, you wait for it . . . Freo mob are very vocal.”

A small minority of readers have sent in their view that Lyon was the best option for the club.

James of North Freo posted: “This is good news for the club. Ross is, and will be, a better coach then Harvey. Yes its a shame for Harves. But the club is more important than the man. All the people handing in their membership over this, good riddance, as you clearly know bugger all about football and how an AFL club works. There is a team down the road where you would fit in perfectly!”

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