Sydney co-captain Adam Goodes has no doubt niggling tactics from some Fremantle players got under the skin of some of his teammates, leading to undisciplined play, and he now fears other teams might try similar tactics.

The Swans conceded eight goals from free kicks on Sunday, as well as giving a number of 50-metre penalties and, for the first time in a long time, numerous players became involved in a melee that spilt over the boundary line in the third term. During that quarter, Fremantle punished Sydney, kicking six goals in 14minutes, effectively sealing the game.

“Personally, they [the Dockers] did not get under mine [skin] but it definitely seemed they were able to draw free kicks out of situations that resulted in goals, and there is no doubt it probably got under the skin of a few defenders, and that’s something we have to learn from, because players are more likely to do it if they know they can suck people in,’’ Goodes said.

“It’s a funny one. I’ve never seen so many 50m penalties in one game and I’ve never seen those little scuffles [involving Swans players] as well. We’ve never really been drawn into those in the past, from my memory.

It’s something we have to address, the discipline on the weekend was unacceptable and we have to take responsibility for that. In the end, it was free-kick goals that cost us the game.

To lose the way we did and to show those signs of undisciplined acts, it’s something we have to look at very closely.

Ruckman Shane Mumford and forward Ben McGlynn were left a little lighter in the pocket after the match review panel met yesterday, with both players charged for their part in the melee. Both were first offences, and as such they can accept $1200 fines with an early guilty plea.

Fremantle’s Nick Lower and Adam McPhee were also charged over the melee; Lower hit with the same sanction as the Sydney pair, while McPhee can accept a $2100 fine as it is his second offence.

There were numerous umpiring decisions in the game that raised the ire of the SCG crowd and, after watching a tape yesterday, Swans coach John Longmire decided to contact umpire’s boss Jeff Gieschen about some of the incidents. Gieschen told Longmire they would be looked into.

Goodes refused to blame the umpires or poor decisions for the loss and the performance.

“Look, the umpires are going to call the game the way they call it, and all you can ask for is consistency,” he said.

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