Adam Goodes and Matthew Pavlich are among the best of their era and could well be up against each other next Sunday.

John Longmire set the stage yesterday for a promoter’s dream by declaring Goodes every chance to play on Pavlich when the two teams clash at the SCG. There is, however, some fine print: Goodes will not follow Pavlich when the Fremantle champion is swung forward.

At 194cm and 99kg, Goodes is tall and strong enough to play as a key forward but his exceptional speed and athleticism also make him the ideal midfielder. So versatile is Goodes he has been named an All-Australian ruckman and wingman.

Pavlich got his first All-Australian jumper at full back but has been one of the best forwards of the past decade. But the 192cm Pavlich, despite weighing 100kg, has also spent long periods in the midfield this year.

The Fremantle star is his club’s all-time leading goalkicker but is third this season as the Dockers battle similar issues as the Swans over how to use their star player.

”I don’t think you’ll get a chance of Goodesy on him down back, but certainly in the midfield,” Longmire said. ”Because he is a big body you need another big body with him.

”They’re very similar and very versatile players. It’s quite unique to be that size and be able to play as key forwards and have the aerobic capacity and ability around stoppages to be able to go in the midfield.

”We’ll get a good look at them both this weekend and at different times I think they’ll play on each other.”

Goodes said he was looking forward to the opportunity of taking on Pavlich. ”If we both line up in the midfield [there’s no doubt] we’ll play on each other,” Goodes said.


”The two types of players we are, we can match up on each other. You always love playing on the best players in the competition. It’s a really good test individually to test yourselves against those great players.”

Life would be a lot easier for Longmire and his Fremantle counterpart, Mark Harvey, if both had 22 clones of their star player, such is Goodes’s and Pavlich’s ability to play any position.

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