Their father was “The Wiz”, one of football’s great entertainers. But tonight Jeff Farmer’s two young sons take centre stage in the highly anticipated WA miniseries, Cloudstreet.

Jeff Jr, 13, and Kobe Farmer, 8, both make appearances as Woolie Crab at different ages, the son of wise indigenous character Bob Crab, played by leading WA actor Kelton Pell.

The sons of the AFL gun auditioned for the role after a recommendation from Farmer’s actress cousin Kylie, but it was their famous dad who gave them tips on how performing on the big stage.

“He told us one thing and that was not to be nervous,” Jeff Jr said. “And to try and pretend the camera wasn’t there.”

The family, who also have a 16 year-old daughter, Shontaine, moved from Perth to Karratha a year ago where Farmer has taken a job as a tradesman’s assistant at Woodside’s Pluto LNG plant in Dampier.

The Fremantle and Melbourne footy legend, who grew up in the tiny WA town of Tambellup, said he liked spending his post-football life in the country.

“I enjoy being able to get back into a normal routine and having a lot more time with my children and for myself to do the things I enjoy, love and missed while I was playing footy,” he said.

The silky-skilled goalsneak said he was also enjoying his new job working for the United Group on the Pluto plant.

“It was a good opportunity to take up and to get away and raise the kids in the country,” he said.

One aspect of the country lifestyle even helped the Farmer boys prepare for the filming of an idyllic crabbing scene in tonight’s episode.

“Sometimes we go mud crabbing so it wasn’t a big problem (to act in that scene),” Jeff Jr said.

Even though he’s now got a taste for acting, Jeff Jr has another interest that may prick up the ears of AFL talent scouts.

“I’ve been trying to focus on football really,” he said.

Kobe, who steals one scene with a cute line to camera, was also weighing his options.

“I never know I might be an actor or a footy player I don’t know,” he said.

Despite retiring from the Dockers in 2008 with 249 AFL games to his name, Farmer hasn’t given away football entirely and is currently having “a little run around” with local club Wickham.

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