Fremantle’s Garrick Ibbotson took a trip down memory lane yesterday when he visited his old stomping ground, Bullcreek-Leeming Junior Football Club to have a kick around with some eager young footballers aspiring to one day make it to the top level, just as he has done.

Ibbo and the rest of his Freo Dockers’ teammates had spread across the Perth metropolitan area for the AFL’s annual Junior Club Visit.

He was joined at Bullcreek-Leeming by Ryan Crowley and Zac Clarke.

Inside the club rooms, Ibbotson reminisced on some old photos on the wall of himself looking a fair bit skinnier than he is today.

Crowley couldn’t help but notice Ibbo’s “guns”, or lack of more likely.

Ibbotson said it was a nice feeling to come back to the place where it had all started for him.

“It’s always good to come back to the old club,” he said.

“I was here 10 years ago and I remember the excitement of having someone come down to the footy club and show us a few things.

“It brings something different to training to have someone who is doing what you dream of doing come along and have a kick with you.”

He said he would always cherish his time at Bullcreek-Leeming, even though he never played in a premiership throughout his junior career.

“The best thing about playing footy anywhere is the enjoyment that you get from playing with your mates,” he said.

“We played in three grand finals and lost all three, but just being able to come down here, hang out with your mates, play footy and ride your bike home afterwards, it’s simple stuff but it’s very enjoyable and I’ll remember it forever.”

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