The Fremantle Dockers have kicked off 2011 with a solid running session following the Christmas and New Year break.

In conditions resembling the middle of June, the players trudged through the wet weather to kick-start the New Year.
Sports science manager Jason Weber said the players have been working hard on their running over the pre-season with an increase in aerobic capacity the key.
“Rotations will drop this season purely on the basis of now only having 3 rotating players.
“I know Mark still wants to play an aggressive brand of football so making sure our players can continue to play in that manner, over a longer duration, is going to require more aerobic strength,” Weber said.
Weber will play an important role in terms of how the club will approach the new interchange rules and the different strategies required.
“The coaches will come to me with an idea and I will say whether a particular player can or can’t fulfil that role.

“Or if we were to go down the path of playing the substitute and using that player for 50 per cent of the game, two or three weeks in a row, we would have to consider how that effects their

conditioning,” he said.
Weber also indicated that Michael Barlow’s recovery from a leg injury was progressing well.
“Mick’s on track with his recovery from the fracture and looks to be back this season in a good way,” Weber said.
“Now that the bone is strong and recovered, one of the most important things is the soft tissue surrounding it.
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