Fremantle’s heave-ho theme song could soon become the latest victim of the Dockers re-branding.

The maligned tune is under review at the club, which has already changed its playing strip for 2011.

Hear the Dockers current theme song here.

Dockers chief executive Steve Rosich said the club was exploring alternatives to the tune as part of an extensive review process.

“Under AFL intellectual property guidelines, it’s going to be something that we’ll look at during 2011 and we’ll only consider a change from 2012,” Rosich said yesterday.

“As we committed to in 2008 we wanted to look at all of our brand elements. The song wasn’t part of the very pleasing arrangement we were able to strike with Levi Strauss, so we’ll look at that in 2011.”

The claims are in opposition to Dockers President Steve Harris, who said earlier this week the song would remain the same for next season.

Western Australian football supporters including Channel 7 commentator Denis Cometti have put forward suggestions for an alternative theme.

Here is what Cometti came up with, to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s New York:

Start spreading the news
We’re smiling today
I want to be a part of it
Freo, Freo

These Docker strong cheers
Say anchors aweigh
Right through the very heart of it
Freo, Freo
I want to wake up in a city
That never sleeps
And find I’m King of the hill
Top of the heap
My little town blues are melting away
I’m gonna make a brand new start of it
In old Freo
And if we can make it here
I just want to make it clear
It’s thanks to you Freo, Freo

The Dockers remain pleased with the feedback they have had since releasing a new purple strip and logo to replace the club’s foundation colours.

A small group of vocal supporters continue to voice their concerns about the switch after venting their frustration at last week’s annual members meeting.

The change appears to have only left a small handful of members disgruntled though, with the club already eyeing off record membership figures for next season.

Almost 30,000 diehards are already signed up after the Dockers success in 2010.

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