Fremantle president Steve Harris has defended the club’s decision to change its jumper and logo, but reassured members there would be more consultation with them before any move to change the club song.

Speaking before the annual members meeting at Fremantle Oval where supporters angry with the changes confronted the club’s hierarchy, Harris described the jumper and logo changes as “strong and bold”.

In an endorsement of the changes, sitting member Kate Grieve polled 28.2 per cent of the vote in a 13-candidate election to easily retain her spot on the board. John Garland was second with 17.55 per cent and Ian Massara was third with 13.48 per cent. About 2000 members voted.

Pockets of opposition to the changes have vented their anger on internet fan sites since the club announced the changes on October 1.

About 35 disgruntled members donned the old home jumper to attend last night’s meeting.

Opponents of the change have expressed anger and claimed a lack of consultation before such a major change.

The decision has divided supporter groups, with opponents of the change gravitating to long-time fan site Dockerland, while supporters have posted on Big Footy’s Fremantle forum.

“It is a significant decision by any club to change things that supporters hold close to their heart, such as club logos and the playing strip, although most clubs have done this at some stage in their history,” Harris said. “The new logo and playing strip are strong and bold.”

But the club’s song, regarded by many as the worst in the AFL, will remain for next year at least.

Harris declared the Dockers would make a $400,000 profit in 2010, after giving $4.2 million to the WA Football Commission.

Coach Mark Harvey, who also addressed the meeting, lent his support to the jumper and logo change earlier in the day.

“The players like it, I like it, sometimes change can be needed,” he said.

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