The decision on whether the “heave-ho” will go won’t be made until the start of 2012 AFL season, but the Fremantle Dockers have promised to seek member feedback on the future of the club song.

Dockers spokesman Luke Morfesse said the options being considered were to keep the existing song, adopt a reworked version of the existing song or bring in a brand new song.

He said the March 2011 edition of the Dockers member magazine would contain further details of the song review process. 

He said due to AFL policy, a new version of a song could not be considered until the start of the season 2012.

Simon Smith, who has been a member of the Fremantle Football Club for 14 years, said while it was good news that members would be consulted in the song review process, he was still disappointed about the club’s decision earlier this year to revamp the team’s guernsey without consulting the member base.

Mr Smith was part of a vocal group of about 40 Dockers members who walked through Fremantle yesterday ahead of the club’s annual members meeting, donning the original Dockers colours, in protest against the lack of member consultation over the team’s new look.

“To me, in two swoops they are getting rid of every symbol the club had for 16 years,” he said.

“The colours, the logo, and now the song. If we don’t stand up now, what’s next? Will they take the word ‘Fremantle’ from the Club?”

Mr Smith said at the meeting the club management acknowledged members’ concerns about not being consulted about the new-look Dockers, but also said they never considered to put the revamp up for discussion.

“(They said) the change was too important to be put to vote for members, and it won’t be reversed,” he said.

“I feel like a registered seat holder instead of a member.”

He said his main concern about the new look was the dropping of the anchor from the players’ guernseys.

He said he and other disgruntled members were considering lobbying the WA Football Commission to get the club constitution amended, but he conceded he did not have much hope it would ever happen.

“I believe strongly that we should at least try,” he said.

“It’s a mark of how passionate Freo supporters are.”

He said the whole process had left him “disillusioned and disenfranchised”. He said he would not be renewing his membership next season and instead just buy tickets at the gate to support his club.

“I can’t give my money to support the current administration,” he said.

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