Hayden Ballantyne
Hayden had a good year mainly as a small forward but he also spent a bit of time in the midfield. His forward pressure on the opposition was highly valued in our team. He hit the scoreboard as well, so it was a positive year for him.

Michael Barlow
He made his debut and started the season really well and played 13 games before being injured. Things are going along well in his recovery from a broken leg.

Justin Bollenhagen
Justin played three games which is a good return for a player in his first season on an AFL list. With his speed and his left-foot kicking he showed some promising signs.

Kepler Bradley
He played 12 games mainly as a forward/back-up ruckman. He had some solid performances for the team this year.

Greg Broughton
He had another strong season with 17 games, finishing high in our best and fairest. His ability to beat his opponent and get the ball served him well.

Zac Clarke
He played three games in 2010 mainly as a forward/back-up ruckman. He is a developing ruckman coming into his third year now. He will continue to put on weight and develop as a player.

Jesse Crichton
Another of our first-year players, he played six games and it was good for him to play this year mainly as a midfielder, but also doing some defensive roles. We like the way he goes about it.

Ryan Crowley
Ryan played a bit as a run-with player over 18 games. He also kicked five goals in a match against Port Adelaide and had a solid season.

Matt de Boer
Matt won our best clubman award for the way he conducts himself on and off the ground. He really puts a lot of pressure on as a forward and he is always trying to improve himself as a player.

Paul Duffield
He played every game across half-back, amassed a lot of possession and gave us some good rebound out of defence.

Nathan Fyfe
Nat played 18 games after starting in the WAFL. He came into the team and didn’t look out of place, playing mainly on the wing and forward. His marking and ability to read the play are his assets.

Antoni Grover
He played 14 games after missing the first eight weeks. Antoni played mainly as a key defender and did a solid job for us taking on the big forwards for the opposition.

Paul Hasleby
Paul retired after playing 20 games this year. He spent time in the midfield early but was used more as a forward late in the season. He has made a great contribution to the club over many years.

Roger Hayden
Roger played 23 of the 24 games as a rebounding defender. He always puts his body on the line for the team and uses the ball well out of defence.

Des Headland
Des had injury problems this year that curtailed his contribution. He played five games for us this year and served us very well in his time at Fremantle.

Stephen Hill
He played 23 games and came fourth in the best and fairest. It was another really good year for Stephen playing a variety of roles. His ability to run and carry the ball and use it are real assets.

Clayton Hinkley
He played the one game and has also had some injury issues throughout the year. We are still looking for more development from Clayton.

Joel Houghton
He improved as the season went on, playing in the WAFL all year as a tall marking forward. He started off in the reserves at Perth and had some good performances later in the year.

Garrick Ibbotson
He played in the midfield and in defence for 19 games. As a defender he read the flight of the ball well and provided good rebound.

Michael Johnson
He played 19 games and played predominantly as a forward/back-up ruckman. Late in the year some of his solo efforts in the ruck were really solid. We look to continue to develop him as a forward.

Chris Mayne
He was a really important player in the team for the pressure he put on in the forward line over 14 games. He also chipped in with 16 goals for the season.

Luke McPharlin
In 17 games he was settled in defence. He took on the best forward every week and did a really good job for the side.

Adam McPhee
He started off as a forward and then he had some run-with jobs in the midfield. He played with real presence and his tackling was a feature.

Anthony Morabito
It is a great effort for a first-year player to play 23 games, spending most of his time on the wing and up forward. He can be a really damaging player because he runs and carries the ball and kicks it long.

David Mundy
He won our best and fairest playing in the midfield by winning plenty of the ball and using it well. He was important in the development of our younger players.

Rhys Palmer
He played 13 games coming off a knee reconstruction and had some solid performances. Often reconstructions can take 18 months to two years to fully recover so we’re looking for Rhys to bounce back strongly this year.

Matthew Pavlich
He finished third in our best and fairest and led our goalkicking. It was obviously another really good year from Pav playing forward and in the midfield.

Clancee Pearce
He played mainly as a defender in his six games. It’s good that he’s been given some opportunities and we are looking for him to take the next step now.

Dylan Roberton
He managed 13 games in his first year, runs really well and is very fit. We think Dylan will develop into a good player for us in the midfield and in defence.

Aaron Sandilands
He had another All-Australian year and came second in our best and fairest. His leadership and physicality in the ruck helped us have a good year.

Byron Schammer
He only played the three games this year but had a good year in the WAFL. He didn’t get a lot of opportunities at senior level but as a midfielder he would be looking to bounce back into the seniors next year.

Hamish Shepheard
Hamish played in the WAFL and also had some injury problems over the past two years. He showed some signs we liked so we are looking for him to develop further.

Casey Sibosado
He played for Perth in the WAFL this year mainly in defence and had a strong year at that level.

Alex Silvagni
He played 15 games in defence coming off the rookie list. We are really pleased with his competitiveness and found that he slotted into the backline quite well.

Dean Solomon
Retired before the season started.

Nick Suban
He played 16 games mainly in the midfield. As a second-year player he has played plenty of football and we are looking for Nick to take the next step next year.

Chris Tarrant
He played 13 games before hurting his knee which is a disappointment. He was a strong defender for us and he has now moved on to Collingwood.

Scott Thornton
Scott has retired and made a great contribution to the club over 10 years.

Jay van Berlo
He played 18 games as a defender/run-with type player. He always gives his best and you just know you are going to get a 100 per cent effort.

Michael Walters
He played five games late in the year coming into the side and gave us some goalkicking nous up forward. He kicked three goals in the second final against Geelong and it was a promising finish for Michael.

Delisted players: Ben Bucovaz, Steven Dodd, Chris Hall, Ryan Murphy, Brock O’Brien and Tim Ruffles

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