Hi Readers,

Gary Louis here, another of the 13 strong candidates.

I have been following the discussion over the past few days and provide the following comments and feedback.

Uniforms – whilst I was fond of the old playing strip, I think the new gear looks pretty sharp. The feedback received over the coming months by the club from its members will be a good barometer for whether or not the song or other traditions should be changed (see comments to follow) and more importantly the consultation process leading up to any decisions being made.

One thing not considered or at lease mentioned is that with the change in uniforms, brings an increase in income to the club through the purchase of new merchandise. It was not that long ago that Fremantle as a club was heavly in debt, and whilst not necessarily suffering the fait of other AFL clubs with forced mergers or the fear of folding, this revenue will hopefully contribute to the clubs success and solvency well into the future.

Some changes work and some don’t. I am sure that if the new gear and logo are not proved popular over the next 6-12 months changes will again be made (not the first time this has happened to a club). Maybe this will be the catalyst for further and better member consulation.

Club Song – I pride myself of calling it as I see it. In this regard, I do believe that the song needs some livening up. That is lets keep the same lyrics and just changing the tune. By way of example…there is nothing better than after a Freo win to hear the crowd going nuts to the aptly adapted version of ACDC TNT. This is full of life and lifts the roof off of Subiaco Oval. In my opinion, the current theme song, does not currently have the same effect with the crowd.

Whether it is changing the lyrics or creating a new song. There should be a real push for members to have their say, with the majority ruling. Can be run in the same way as the current election process. This way if members don’t participate, they can not complain.

My passion is for the Club and accordingly, I intend to do what I can to pass on as many members thoughts, complaints and suggestions forward to the Board for action where able and where possible.

I am best contactable via e-mail (imogen23@iinet.net.au) and can provide a mobile number if required for a one on one discussion.

Thank you for your time and I applaud all of your passion towards the Fremantle Football Club.

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