The results are in and the numbers crunched to the Jumper and Logo survey mentioned here (and e-mails, FDFC Facebook, Twitter, other forums, etc).

The results were:

  • Almost 800 responses over two weeks
  • Majority were existing Fremantle Dockers supporters (lots of matches attended and/or watched on TV), although 20% attend a couple of games per year or less
  • Two thirds of people prefer the Traditional Jumper and Logo design
  • Two thirds of people who do not attend Fremantle matches and do not watch any Fremantle matches on TV, prefer the traditional jumper and logo. If these are the target market the club is going after, we’ve got the wrong branding.
  • The majority of comments from people who preferred the Traditional Jumper or Logo were extremely passionate (“The club fights for 16 years to be called “Dockers”, then removes the symbol of a Docker”), whereas many comments preferring the new Jumper or Logo were almost non-committal (“Bold and simple. Like it rather than love it”).

Snapshot of numbers and charts available here:

(This is from the person who is running these surveys):

‘For what it’s worth, a more detailed summary is available here (PDF).

Thanks to everyone that responded, great stuff.

I sent this to the club a couple of days ago, no response as yet.

I’ve heard the club has apparently received a 50/50 response to the jumper and logo changes – 50% like the changes, 50% don’t. That is quite amazing if it is true. If you like changes, you’d have to be pretty excited about them to contact the club with your support, surely? I haven’t seen that type of support for the changes anywhere yet (Internet, work, family, people hanging around the place).

Make sure you continue to e-mail, facetweet, write and call the club voicing your opinion. They need to see what we think, as well as read about it on the Interweb (valuable exercise that this is).’

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