The man who composed the Fremantle theme song has made an impassioned plea to the club not to give it the heave ho.

The song Freo, Heave Ho is in the gun as the Dockers opt for a new image on the back of their successful season on the field.

Ken Walther, a musical director for 26 years, said he rated the song among his best works, given he based it on The Song of the Volga Boatmen.

He said the advertising agency that approached him had been emphatic he had to work with the Russian song.

“I guess they didn’t want a sea shanty,” Walther said.

Volga Boatmen is a very powerful piece of music, a Russian working-class song. But it’s very slow and it’s in a minor key, A-minor, so it was hard to work with.

“Given that brief and to come up with a song that’s catchy, it’s a bloody hard ask. In my estimation, it’s not a bad song. It’s a great song.

“It would be sad if they went with a new song … you don’t like to see your work axed.”

Fremantle launched new home-and-away guernseys recently, a combination of purple and white V stripes.

The anchor will no longer appear on the jumpers, only in the logo, and the club is now represented by only two colours, dropping the green.

Dockers chief executive Steve Rosich said the club had not yet tackled the theme song, which polarises Fremantle fans.

“But that process will now take place,” he said.

“In the 2011 pre-season, the club will seek feedback from members, supporters and the general public on the Fremantle Dockers club song, including possible alternatives.

“One of the options will be to retain the existing club song.”

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