Forget the inspired decision to draft Stephen Hill ahead of Daniel Rich … dropping the anchor is the best decision Fremantle has made in recent years.

The old purple, red, white and green guernsey (complete with stylised anchor) was a stinker.

Suddenly, the Dockers are the height of fashion after switching to a poweful dark purple jumper with strong and basic Vs in white coming down off the shoulders.

It is so good, the Dockers are now right up there on the “Best of the Jumpers” list.

Stylised logos are so 90s.

It is time to get back to basics and the Dockers have stolen a march on others.

Let’s hope the Bulldogs take note. The stylised puppy on the front of their jumper is so 1997 … sorry, Smorgo and Co, but its time it was torn off.

The time for animals on front of jumpers is gone. It worked as a nice gimmick in the early days of the Western Bulldogs “brand”, but the Dogs should immediately go back to the simple, powerful 1954 jumper (one red stripe, one white).

It is the club’s most famous jumper, synonmous with success. The fans would love it. Do it now, before you get caught totally out of fashion.

So here is the “Best of the Jumpers” list, from 1 to 17, including the atrocity that is the GC jumper.

1. CARLTON: Dark navy, white motif. Great mix. Powerful

2. MELBOURNE: Love the almost black blue and red. Kills the royal blue and red shocker of 80s.

3. COLLINGWOOD: Striking. Famous. No silly animals.

4. FREMANTLE: Controversial, yes, but suddenly makes Dockers look mean and a serious outfit.

5. ESSENDON: Dark. Mean. Looks great in long sleeves, too.

6. ADELAIDE: Mix of colours perfect. And simple.

7. PORT ADELAIDE: Designed by school kid. Keep it simple, please!

8. RICHMOND: Almost as good as Bombers. Red better than yellow.

9. ST KILDA: Traditional. Tick.

10. NORTH MELBOURNE: No good with white shorts.

11. GEELONG: Hoops not as good as stripes. Don’t like new club logo.

12. SYDNEY: Not sure about the Opera House thing. OK, but better with old South jumper.

13. WESTERN BULLDOGS: Colours great. Puppy old hat.

14. HAWTHORN: No one’s fault. Just that colours are rotten.

15. WEST COAST: Get rid of the Eagle. Shame its not velcro, Don Scott could do it for them.

16. BRISANE LIONS: Paddle pop lion no good.

17. GOLD COAST: Is that still their training jumper? Uninspiring.

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