Fremantle are facing a fan backlash with the Dockers set to dump the contentious anchor from their guernsey.

Following their shock appearance in the 2010 finals series, the club is preparing to unveil a radical new home-and-away guernsey for next season at Saturday’s Doig Medal count.

The new home strip will feature a predominantly purple shirt, with three white chevrons across the shoulders.

The clash jersey will be a white shirt with purple chevrons.

Most contentiously, the anchor is tipped to be moved to the back of the guernsey.

The anchor has been synonymous with club’s maritime tradition, and also the weight of expectation over the years.

But that has infuriated tens of thousands of fans online, with the popular ‘Dockerlandwebsite flooded with complaints about the prospective changes.

Approaching 40,000 people have viewed the debate on Dockerland.

The vast majority of them are outraged at the suggestion.

“Members have been near enough totally disregarded on this hugely important issue. Clearly such a major change to our brand should involve consultation with the ‘paid/financial’ membership at the very least,” freoffc26 wrote.

“Most certainly this should be put to a vote of the membership.

“If the launch is to take place at the clubs most prestigious night of nights, I for one will be standing and venting my opposition to the change, and would hope that others who have ‘paid’ to be at this event like myself – would do the same.”

Back in 2008, CEO Steve Rosich announced a review of the club’s brand and marketing, saying at the time while he liked the jumper design it was not sacrosanct.

“Personally I very much like our jumper and logos, but over time they may be reviewed,” Rosich said.

When contacted about the prospective changes to be announced this weekend, Rosich declined to comment.

But the club had sent responses to the hundreds of e-mails sent regarding the prospective changes, saying members had been asked their views on the guernsey, logo, colours and song last year.

“As part of the review of its brand elements, the club has considered a number of options for the future but at this stage has no formal announcement to make,” the response said.

That did little to appease angry feeling among fans.

“The anchor has depth of symbolism (our maritime heritage, club history, club symbol and colors), it has heart. It is hearty,” ManInPurple wrote.

“When I look at the new one I feel nothing. It is empty. The only thing that ties it remotely to our club is the purple…and even that has been pretty much scrapped from the away jersey.

The Doig Medal presentation will be held at the Burswood Entertainment Centre on Saturday evening.

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