Mark Harvey is a genius.

He rested players, he wouldn’t take them to Launceston, he was ridiculed and he was even called un-Australian.

People said it wasn’t in the spirit of the game.

But then he turned it around, by nearly 150 points from just two weeks before.

He’s a genius and maybe they should even make him PM!

On Saturday he knocked over Hawthorn, who were supposed to be unbeatable.

I do know that Mark Harvey at the start of the year was keen about their chances of making the eight and winning a home final.

They’ve done that now and while they’re not ready to challenge yet next year they could be a good side if they stay together.

There are already cracks starting to appear, David Mundy wants to come home, Chris Tarrant’s wife is looking for a home in Melbourne and they’re circling around Matthew Pavlich.

But all that doesn’t matter because on Friday night they take on Geelong, who are coached by his best friend Mark Thompson.

Geelong were stiff and they’re still talking about that free kick.

It was there but so were about another five they didn’t pay on the night.

To put it bluntly, Geelong kicked badly and should’ve won the game.

Finals football is all about pressure and absorbing the pressure and winning the game.

Just ask Carlton and Geelong.

The only big thing to come out of this weekend is Collingwood.

They’re calling them the ‘Flagpies’.

They just might be right after they absolutely slaughtered the hapless Dogs.

If Collingwood do win the premiership there will be a lot of people having holidays the first week of October.

Unless you’re a Collingwood supporter Melbourne will not be a pretty place to be for at least the first two months after the grand final.

They’ll possibly have flags flying on Mt Everest.

Already Eddie McGuire is signing babies’ Collingwood jumpers at training.

Are they out of control?

They very well could be.

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