The chances of Matthew Pavlich seeing out the rest of his AFL career in Fremantle are strengthening by the day, after fiancee Lauren O’Shannassy admitted the couple had never even discussed a move away from WA.

With Pavlich’s Dockers contract up at the end of the season, shouts from Adelaide and whispers from the Gold Coast have made some Freo fans nervous about Pavlich’s intentions.

But in another massive pointer to Pavlich ignoring the overtures of Adelaide, O’Shannassy told WAtoday the subject of a possible move had never been talked about between the pair.

“We have never even discussed a move to Adelaide,” O’Shannassy said.

O’Shannassy, who is busy planning the couple’s wedding at the end of the year, said she was aware of talk about Pavlich moving but personally “had not thought about it”.

Ironically, with a former Crows captain leading an Facebook campaign to get Pavlich back to the Crows, the couple visited his family in Adelaide on the weekend while the Dockers were in town to play.

The couple’s wedding after the football season – which looks set to stretch into September – will be held down south and looks set to be an intimate affair with close family and friends only invited.

And Dockers, and coach Mark Harvey will be hoping, Pavlich’s long term future with the club is also settled long before then, with the skipper and All-Australian saying last week Gold Coast recruiters had not even contacted his management.

“I would find (suggestions of his contract being a distraction) quite surprising because we are going along pretty nicely at the moment,” Pavlich said.

“I am really happy where it is placed. We have not really changed from our perspective, we are happy how it is progressing and so is the club – we will get to a point some time later in the year.

“I try not to get distracted by reading any of the stuff that is put in the papers … we just need to remain focused on what internally is being said, and how we reflect and review the games.”

And even Crows coach Neil Craig admitted last week the club had little chance of luring Pavlich, even if it was as captain.

“Both ourself and Port Adelaide would love to have Matthew Pavlich back playing football here, but what people need to understand is that Matthew was recruited by Fremantle,” Craig said.

“He’s had to this point in time an outstanding career at Fremantle and he’s the captain of their club.

“I don’t know Matthew that well – I’ve only met him a few times – but the indication I get from him…and (from what) I know of his family is that he’s a very loyal person.

“It would not surprise me if Matthew finished his career at Fremantle and certainly the lure of the captaincy…if you think that’s going to get Matthew Pavlich back I don’t think you know him very well.”

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