A PERFECT 10 for Matthew Pavlich has seen him jump ahead of teammate Aaron Sandilands to be the outright leader of the AFLCA champion player of the year award.

The Fremantle captain was awarded maximum votes from coaches Mark Harvey and Paul Roos for his three-goal effort in Saturday’s win over the Sydney Swans.

Sandilands was leading by six votes but is now in second place after polling just three votes for his efforts against the Swans.

Pavlich was one of six players to receive maximum votes on the weekend. Bulldog Adam Cooney, Essendon’s David Hille, Saint Lenny Hayes, Hawk Lance Franklin and Crow Richard Douglas also scored perfect 10s.

Luke Hodge made ground on Sandilands, polling eight votes in Hawthorn’s win over Carlton to sit on the podium in third place, just eight behind the 211cm ruckman.

Chris Judd and Gary Ablett are in fourth and fifth place respectively and have slipped back after relatively quiet matches on the weekend. Judd was awarded three votes in Carlton’s loss while for a second consecutive week Ablett failed to poll for the Cats.

Brian Lake may have gathered a staggering 42 possessions as a full-back for the Bulldogs, but that could not earn him any more than four votes in the win over North Melbourne.

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